3 Simple Ingredients for Nixing Dental Cavities

After spending nearly 30 years in the field of dentistry, I feel pretty confident with being able to thwart gum disease and cavities using diet and essential oils. However, for this post, I will not be talking about any oils … I’m here to share just

3 Simple Ingredients for Nixing Dental Cavities

However, before I jump into it, allow me to say that a big reason for sharing this little recipe is because we equal dental care with yucky flavors. Now I know the kids toothpaste frequently comes with a fruity flavor and for some reason, I cannot stand the taste … that’s right, I’ve tried them for one reason or another and while I can understand the ‘yummy’ flavors for the kids, our taste buds mature and somehow tuity fruity no longer does it. And then again, many kids simply hate brushing their teeth because:

  1. they get a complete second set usually by the time they’re 16, so why bother …

  2. they don’t understand the importance of taking care of their teeth .. they’re simply told to brush

For that matter, many adults have a difficult time caring for their teeth and gums due to:

  1. other family members having bad teeth

  2. they were born with bad teeth

  3. they have bad memories of childhood dental visits

  4. they never understood the importance of good dental health

So, in many ways, poor dental health does run in the family; although, not necessarily because of bad genes … I think it has more to do with poorly defined messages as well as lack of understanding.

Working with as many Amish families as I have, they essentially groom their children to grow into dentures. Why? Because once you loose your teeth, there’s no more pain or infections YET, teeth are not the only source of dental health issues. Oh I know, you’re thinking, gum disease and that goes away once the teeth are out .. true; however, bacteria live in the mouth with or without teeth, making good oral health important all throughout life whether you have teeth or not….

Say what?

Well, if you haven’t read my previous post 5 Steps for Balancing and Maintaining Gut Flora or viewed my recent YouTube video on the same topic, I actually talk about dysbiosis which is not limited to the digestive tract. In fact, oral dysbiosis is far more common than currently discussed. In many respects, it’s brought on by the many facets of stress or the stress mechanism as I like to call it and truthfully, the amount of antibacterial hydrogen peroxide products being marketed for fresh breath, whiter teeth and so on, we’re ‘fanning the flames’ of dysbiosis without even realizing it because we’re told these products are good for us. Now I know if you don’t have teeth, many of these products don’t matter; yet, if people wearing dentures use mouthwash, then, there’s something to consider.

You see, dysbiosis is not localized; so, when it’s in the mouth, it’s in the gut and vice versa. And what’s worse, we have thousands of antibacterial products currently being sold AND used around the world . In 2009 (10 yeas ago), there were over 9,000 products available. It’s been reported at that time, American’s spent approximately $7.3 billion on cleaning products and another $2.4 billion on antibacterial soaps. And believe it or not, just today, a report was released estimating that the antibacterial market would reach $38 billion dollars by 2024. While the FDA has not made any official reports regarding bacterial resistance and the growing number of antibacterials being used, we do know antibiotics disrupt gut flora and between the antibacterial products being used in the mouth and on the skin, which is permeable and the antibiotics being fed to our livestock, and who knows what else, our bodies are being inundated with micro flora disrupting ‘chemicals’

Which brings me to the point of this post … finding a simpler, more effective way of taking care of our body, from top to bottom, including our mouths.

That said, indulge me for one more thought from Dr. Jean Valnet, a French physician and the father of modern ‘phyto-aromatherapy’

Dr. Valnet retired from the military in 1959 and continued his medical practice at his Paris surgery in the Avenue Kléber, continuing to advise his patients that a healthy diet and phyto-aromatherapy were important in maintaining wellness.  He chaired the first Symposium of Medical Aromatherapy in Paris in 1960, and his first reference work, titled “Aromatherapy : the treatment of ailments by Plant Essences” was published in 1964.  This was followed by a second book, “The treatment of ailments with vegetables, fruits and cereals” in 1967.  He wrote “Doctor Nature” in 1971, and “Phytotherapy : the treatment of ailments by Plants” in 1972.  These works were based on Dr. Valnet’s clinical observations, and spurred him to continued research in studying the anti-infectious properties of essential oils.  In collaboration with Dr. M. Girault of Dijon, he coined the term “aromatogramme” to describe a method using essential oils to test antimicrobial susceptibility.  Valnet also foresaw the dangers of overusing antibiotics.

I know I said I was not going to involve essential oils with this and I won’t; however, Dr. Valnet’s followed in Gattefosse’s footsteps and took his work into the trenches of war where he treated wounds with only essential oils. His opinions of oils and nutrition led to the development of the current medical practices in France which involves the intentional medical use of food and oils to help the body restore wellness and to know that he foresaw the overuse of antibiotics is eye-opening. He was a pioneer in this arena and it’s an honor to be, in many respects, expanding on his work …

That said, the following is a simple yet very effective way of inactivating the cavity causing strep-mutans bacteria

  • 1/2 teaspoon of raw cacao (adjust amount as desired for taste)

  • 4 to 6 ounce glass of milk (raw milk is the best but feel free to use any unsweetened milk that you like)

  • sweeten with xylitol to taste

Raw cacao does not mix completely with a spoon, so blending this with a blender / nutribullet or, or, or gives you a smoother drink

This is great for children and adults and can be drank morning or night. Please do not confuse raw cacao with processed chocolate. It’s an entirely different food; full of phytonutrients that are good for the heart, mental and digestive health. Drink it before bed and notice a better rest … this is due to the magnesium content. I could go on .. it’s a superfood for sure and even though there are a lot of recipes available, I like this one because it’s easy on the mouth, mind and gut.

Please keep in mind that strep-mutans is the predominant bacterium involved in tooth decay; however, it also contributes to gum disease and if it so happens that you do not have any teeth, then enjoy a glass of milk for the health of it …

As for regulating bacteria in the mouth whether there are teeth or not, then we should talk even further about essential oils as they support the body’s magnificent way of balancing micro flora. We can do this in one or two ways .. either with a personal consult or by signing up for Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle where we get into this and much more with great detail.

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