Nature's Little Secret

While writing an article on CBD and beta-caryophyllene, I raised the question … how can ‘we’ make such absolute claims about these constituents, or any constituent for that matter? I realize that scientist have identified the mechanism of action of many plant components in the human body; yet, they also recognize the synergistic relationship of plant chemistry. In fact, it’s the combination of ingredients that contribute to their widely known properties. Frankly, this is where the terms pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics come from .. the mechanism of action at the receptor sites and then the movement of drugs through the body i.e. absorption, distribution and elimination. The synergy of plant constituents influences countless genetic processes as well as supports the body’s ability to assimilate, use and do away with what’s no longer needed.

Therefore, with this knowledge and understanding, it’s next to impossible to claim one natural component can do all the things ‘we’ say they do. The action of one requires the action of another in order to fully support the body as well as provide the desired outcome. At the same time, both CBD and beta-caryophyllene are found in cannabis sativa leading me to wonder … is CBD really the solution we’ve been seeking OR is it the beta-caryophyllene (BCP) OR is it the way the 400+ constituents work together?

Wait a tic .. allow me to back up a bit and explain why I even suggested that BCP might be the ‘magic pill’. You see, beta-caryophyllene is classified as an atypical cannabinoid due to its mechanism of action which matches that of CBD! Hmmmmmm…

The point is, we cannot, with integrity, isolate a single constituent and make the claims that ‘we’ are. Interestingly enough, science is working diligently to replicate the synergy of constituents by combining them in labs. The irony to this level of research is holistic synergy is the result of every chemical working together, not just two or three randomly placed together. While I understand the desire to provide a more ‘holistic’ approach, the body functions on approximately thirty five thousand chemical reactions per second which means if we’re introducing chemicals from the outer world for a specific reason, we better make damn sure we’re offering stability, not trying to control.

You see, one chemical has a specific action with an intended outcome; yet, the body is an organic series of processes with each of us being uniquely wired, making it nearly impossible to say how one component is going to affect every body. For that matter, we can’t even claim this about a single essential oil or blend. The synergy within each is dynamic; however, the way any one ‘bounces’ through a body depends on genetic variations along with the synergy of being combined with other chemicals. And this the point ….

Nature’s Little Secret …

Science aims to predict; yet, nature is an organic process and our best guess is still a guess. We will never fully know the secret to synergy which leaves us in the dark when it comes to what’s doing what.

Nature is light and just like light, it cannot be captured; although, science is trying at this point. Capturing something means we’re attempting to control it; yet, nature does not seek to control anything, and neither does light. Said another way, when we trap light in a container, it vanishes as we’ve just cut off the source. The same can be said when we isolate an organism from the rest of life; it dies.

Nature interacts with itself and flows. To single out one aspect, cuts it off from the flow of synergy. One could say that by introducing that constituent into the body reconnects it with life … yes … but there is no telling how one system will react, let alone 8+ billion. The same can be said when using complete whole oils, herbs, foods, etc. This is why paying attention is as important as intention.

Nature is elusive; yet, not to be feared. With all the information available to us for taking care of ourselves, it’s easy to get trapped into believing something is good for us when it may not be. Keep in mind, when we trap or capture something, we cut it off from synergy. This is why working with a second set of eyes and ears to discern what’s going on is a wise idea. Every health issue has variations within it. What causes one person’s high blood pressure differs from another. The same can be said for depression, anxiety, anger, cancer and so on; therefore, allowing ourselves to be sourced with the ‘light’ of a professional has more to offer than doing it by ourselves.

Look, I get it; affordability is an issue, as is trust. Yet, at some point, our need to control every nuance of life reduces our ability to thrive as it blocks us from a synergistic relationship. Nature does not fear, it simply moves according to what’s needed. It doesn’t hide from the light, nor does it run from the dark. It allows both to source it.

This is alchemy … synergy … a universal remedy that incorporates a shift in belief (i.e. from DIY to outside support) with curative actions that align with our body’s unique needs. Maybe it is the hottest trend on the market … maybe it’s something completely different.

This is nature’s secret … synergy … allowing ourselves to be sourced rather than limited.

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