4 Essential Oils to Use with Carpal Tunnel Syndrom & More!

This is such an interesting post for me because most of the health professionals I speak with believe carpal tunnel syndrome to be a structural issue due to a compressed median nerve in the passageway known as the ‘carpal tunnel’. While weakness and numbing are fairly common symptoms, the cause is consistently blamed on a number of reasons i.e. repetitive movement or arthritis. However, to effectively treat it, It’s going to take something more than the current remedial steps i.e. surgery, splint and / or anti-inflammatory medications like NSAID’s or corticosteroids. With that information alone, we can wrap our heads around the fact that no matter the circumstances leading up to a ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ diagnosis, the actual cause is stress and inflammation!

Who knew, right?!

I only joke about this because stress and inflammation are the primary focus of everything I talk and write about. Not that I discount the many factors of life which are intimately linked to every health condition we experience; the circumstances of life are real. Yet, it’s wise to detach ourselves from the emotional aspect of dis-ease, dis-order, and dis-comfort in order to see that many situations are stressful which stimulate inflammatory reactions …. inside and out.

That said, carpal tunnel syndrome, although displaying similar symptoms between individuals, varies when it comes to the structural issues. Sometimes the carpal tunnel tends to be on the narrow side which means the slightest amount of trauma (a.k.a. stress) leads to inflammation. Other times, it’s linked to repetitive movement (a.k.a. stress) with inflammation putting pressure on the nerves, leading to pain and numbing. Other times, arthritis may be involved (also inflammation due to stress). No mater how you look at it, stress and inflammation are the problem.

The solution? Reduce or eliminate the source of stress and relieve the inflammation; however, the best approach is determined by the linked ‘cause’.

4 Essential Oils for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  1. laurel leaf .. I’ll do my best to keep the chemistry to a minimum. At the same time, this essential oil is good for relieving nerve pain as well as the stress response, reducing the effects of oxidative stress (inflammation), as well as moving the lymph which stagnates during stressful times. When the body struggles to eliminate toxic chemicals, it is stressed even further. Including this oil is highly recommended for nearly every health issue; however, it does not work well with certain medications. Please check with a professional if you take medications.

  2. ginger root … improves the body’s use of cholesterol as well as circulation and digestion. Besides being an anti-inflammatory, ginger root also supports the regulation and use of serotonin and acetylcholine in the digestive tract, making it quite beneficial when it comes to relieving the physiological effects of stress.

  3. chili pepper … not only a warming analgesic, this essential oil influences the function of the endocannabinoid system which includes the relief of both pain and inflammation in addition to immune function. Since the oil is applied directly to the affected area, it is necessary to avoid washing your hands for at least 20 minutes; therefore, please keep your hands and fingers away from your face. Please check with a professional to be sure this oil works with your medications.

  4. black spruce … while this essential oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, the primary reason for including this oil is due to its influence on the pituitary gland which is indicated in the body’s reaction to both a single stressful situation as well as chronic stress. According to research, the pituitary gland and hypothalamus are responsible for regulating hormonal activity, and when the body and mind are consistently stressed, the chemistry being produced leads to excessive inflammation a.k.a. dis-ease, dis-order, dis-comfort.

Additional essential oils for carpal tunnel, depending on the related health issues:

  1. myrrh … a significant anti-inflammatory essential oil that also stabilizes thyroid function as well as the immune system as it has a direct influence on the endogenous opioid system which is essential for relaxing muscles. While carpal tunnel is not typically linked to tight / spasming muscles, there are times when this is the experience. If this is the case for you, try adding myrrh to your blend. Not recommended while nursing or pregnant.

  2. black pepper … a highly recommended essential oil for supporting digestion, easing pain and improving pancreatic function. While this may not seem to be important when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, the way the body uses carbohydrates and proteins is directly proportional to the way the body produces ant-inflammatory chemicals. Not to mention, black pepper also has analgesic cannabinoid constituents which are helpful with arthritis. Please check with a professional if you take medications.

  3. cypress … supports nitric oxide production, reduces discomfort and inflammation as well as stabilizes hormonal production, essential to inflammation and pain. It also promotes circulation which is frequently compromised when inflammation is present.

  4. helichrysum … an exceptional choice, especially when arthritis is an issue .. no matter what type … as this oil is an analgesic, it also inhibits the development of excessive tissue, including scar tissue and supports the regeneration of healthy tissue.

Which oils do you choose?

This depends on your body.

I suggest beginning with the first set of oils and changing them up as needed, after a week or so, depending on the diagnosis. In all honesty, the first set of oils mentioned, will definitely relieve pain and discomfort; however, long term changes are only attainable when you work to stabilize the body; not just relieve symptoms. Stabilization happens when we seek to relieve the symptoms as well as the underlying issues we face … stress and inflammation.

How to use them?

The best way is applied directly to the affected wrist and forearm, two to three times a day until symptoms stabilize and then once or twice a day, depending on the discomfort.

As for how many oils; I typically blend 3 or 4 oils for optimal synergy. Any more than this overwhelms the body and compromises the goal. Keeping your oil selection down supports the entire body; and using more than one creates the systemic synergy I frequently talk about. When it comes the amount of each, if you’re creating a blend to store, such as in a 5ml bottle, 15 drops of each combined with a carrier. In other words, you don’t need to worry about using more of one and less of another. Equal portions is effective.

Please let me know if you have any further questions regarding this information or how to upgrade your health beyond the current symptoms.

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