10 Steps for Living Well With Chronic Illness

There’s no mistaking the rise in chronic illness, otherwise known as degenerative disease. The number of people I meet on a regular basis being treated for multiple health issues is countless. It makes no difference what the diagnosis .. it could be a combination of depression, high blood pressure, and diabetes to start which usually ends up leading to more problematic digestive issues as well as trouble sleeping … maybe someone has a recognized autoimmune disorder along with fibromyalgia, fatigue, anxiety and trouble sleeping … or they may have ‘normal’ menstrual discomfort, adhd, and ultimately find themselves facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

The fact is having multiple health concerns is not just common, they’re expected because as someone just said on my latest IGTV, we’re going about this all wrong. If you do things according to current trends, you’re approaching your health issues in a backwards manner! What’s more, they’re all related to the instinctual mechanism we know as stress …

How dare I say that? Well, let’s be real … if what’s being suggested is so effective, why is chronic illness on the rise? Not sure about this? Take a look…

What are some signs of degeneration?

  1. fatigue

  2. blood pressure issues

  3. trouble sleeping

  4. food sensitivities and allergies

  5. skin conditions

  6. pain

  7. mood swings

  8. anxiety

  9. depression

  10. weight issues

  11. digestive distress i.e. IBS, constipation, indigestion (or worse), gas, abdominal pain, leaky gut

  12. thyroid and / or cholesterol issues

  13. migraines

  14. brain fog

  15. vitamin D or iron deficiency

So, what are the …

10 Steps for Living Well With Chronic Illness

  • stop taking calcium supplements, including any OTC with calcium added to it … calcium stimulates immune activity (read on below) and competes with magnesium in supplement form. That said, foods known for their mineral content like maca, cacao, raw milk, veggies, hemp and chia seeds are perfect because the body ‘knows’ what to do with them in food form.

  • stop taking probiotics UNLESS you’re taking antibiotics … probiotics are known to stimulate immune function (read on below)

  • eat potassium and magnesium rich foods … i.e. mushrooms, beet greens, raw cacao, pomegranates, avocados, dark leafy greens, pumpkin, peanuts, and salmon

  • take a magnesium supplement … why? because magnesium is needed for hormonal regulation, cell protection as well as protein synthesis and soothing both the immune system and smooth muscle

  • drink fresh ginger root tea several times a week … exceptional for reducing inflammation as well as improving GI tract function

  • nurture your body at the cellular level, use essential oils that support the digestive, lymph, hormonal and autonomic nervous systems …. consider such oils as marjoram Spanish, goldenrod, palmarosa and myrrh all of which are safe to use with medications; although, they may not be the answer for you due to the fact that every body has different needs

  • stop taking immune stimulants … the immune system is already active! While I understand the desire to protect the body against bacteria and viruses, chronic illness is due to the excessive production of oxidative stress which leads to inflammation which is stimulated by the immune system. The immune system is working just fine and even though we’re concerned about ‘getting a cold or flu’, by helping to relieve and stabilize the stress response, the immune system is better equipped to protect us from those pesky microbes.

  • take a hydrochloric acid supplement … why? because the production of hydrochloric acid is diminished when the body is stressed, disrupting the body’s ability to digest proteins, carbs & fats as well as upsets microflora balance

  • take maca root

  • stop taking fatty acid supplements … just like calcium and magnesium, the body struggles to effectively use omega 3’s and 6’s when they are delivered via supplements; therefore, eating foods rich in these omegas REALLY helps with fortifying and stabilizing the endocrine system

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