5 Suggestions for Protecting Your Child's Health Today and in the Future'

‘For the first time in human history, the current generation of youth will be less healthy than their parent’s generation’ - P. Shelton

I find this quote to both haunting and daunting. I’ve been saying for several years that the rise in degenerative disease is unsettling. There are some who believe this phenomenon is due to the increase in refined and processed foods. Others attack the different food groups suggesting we cut back on carbs, eliminate meat, go low-fat / no-fat and so on. For that matter, I’ve seen a number of companies promoting supplements that supposedly block carbs and fats. Quite frankly, I’m not here to poke fun at or argue with any of these ideas; in many respects, although valid, they’re incomplete. I say this due to the research I’ve done around the way nature communicates and evolves.

Now many people would probably say disease is not evolution … ok, I get that to some extent. We could say we’re devolving; yet, that doesn’t make one feel too good about his or her existence. Not to mention, who wants to tell their kid that they’re not as highly evolved as their ancestors ….. The point to this statement is dis-ease is the result of the chemical age. Since the late 1800’s, There has been a non-stop introduction of chemicals into every aspect of life. The reason this is important has to do with the fact that nature communicates via chemicals albeit nature-made or man-made. The difference is how the messages are interpreted. Lab produced, synthetic chemicals are too specific in their mechanism of action. What’s more, it’s not possible to replicate all the natural forces at work which makes predicting how things ultimately unfold and progress essentially impossible.

So, what does any of this have to do with the future of our children’s health? Everything! Plus, it’s a way of explaining that even though dis-ease doesn’t look like progress … it really is as nature always takes its own course and in the case of human health, the body is reacting to the information coming in. Dis-ease is a physical expression influenced by the man-made chemicals being imposed upon it. The natural reaction is protection which alters the chemistry . With this in mind, we have choices: 1) work with the body, supporting the restoration of stability and wellness or 2) quiet the symptoms. Number 2 is the current methodology and although, helpful, it does nothing to assist the body with modifying systemic changes which means the degeneration goes on despite the perceived relief. Keep in mind, the chemicals I’m referring to come from more than just our food which is why eliminating certain food groups does little to rectify the issues

With this in mind, I offer the following

5 Suggestions for Protecting Your Child’s Health Today and in the Future

  1. avoid estrogenic essential oils - there is a big difference between short term and long term effects. Short term may be calming and soothing; long term would be acting like estrogen in the body. Due to the number (10’s of thousands) of xenoestrogens, minimizing exposure is wise and in this case, essential oils. Oddly the most popular scents are of the ones known to act like estrogen in the body. Why is this of any concern? Because estrogen, whether produced in the body or introduced from the environment, is a signaling molecule which initiates the stress mechanism (fight or flight) as well as the immune system (hence, autoimmune diseases); so, cut back on lavender, clary sage, rosemary, tea tree, geranium

  2. reduce your use of manmade chemicals … the best way to do this is by making some of your personal care products like shampoo and skin care. Truthfully, it’s inexpensive and fairly simple. Not to mention, since we’re being encouraged to teach our kids the value of preparing homecooked meals, why not extend that to personal care. Some really terrific bases besides olive and coconut oil, consider are sweet almond oil and aloe; all for skin. There are other carriers i.e. rosehip, jojoba, hemp and pomegranate. The point is… simple serums are great for natural skin care. If you have dry, damaged, aging skin … you can use equal parts raw beeswax and shea butter with tamanu oil and another carrier of your choice to keep this salve spreadable. This is the best formula I’ve ever developed and can be used on face and body. When it comes to a shampoo, check this out:

    1 can full fat coconut milk (about 13.5 oz) – pH 6.1-7.0

    2 Tbsp liquid raw honey – pH 3.9 (good for scalp and reducing frizz)

    1 tsp jojoba oil – pH 4.21

    2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar – pH 3.1

    The reason for pointing out the pH is because the hair and scalp are better with products that are around a pH of 5.5 and because the coconut milk is as high as it is, add a bit of apple cider vinegar to neutralize. Obviously, this is not a sudsy formula so don’t use too much at one time; otherwise, it will far too difficult to rinse out.

    Nevertheless, essential oils can be added to any of these suggestions; however, ONLY when you’re ready to use them … with the exception of the salve. If you make the salve in a tin, the EO’s can be added and stored without issue. As for the rest, do not mix and store essential oils .. packaging is exceptionally important and will degrade their benefits.

    EO’s good for hair include: cedarwood atlas, rosemary verbenone, and ylang ylang … avoid using the rosemary for more than 4 weeks at a time due to camphor content//

    EO’s good for skin: copaiba (please don’t use with medications), frankincense, rosemary verbenone (see above note on rosemary), helichrysum,

  3. support the digestive system - digestive enzymes are ok with kids; however, avoid probiotics unless they’re taking an antibiotic (feel free to check out my post on gut dysbiosis). However, the best thing you can do for your child’s digestion besides including EO’s on a daily basis, (a bit more to follow), consider introducing spirulina due to its enzyme content, bioavailability and ability to cleanse the cells. Additionally, I recommend magnesium which is essential for protecting the cells from heavy metals as well as supporting the hormonal which is chronically disrupted due to environmental factors.. Supporting their digestive system improves mental health, hormone health as well as immune function all of which is essential for their health today and tomorrow.

  4. diffuse oils for antiseptic, antimicrobial, digestion, and mind\body balance … diffusing is minimal and is beneficial. An example is the research that was conducted within several companies that diffused lemon essential oil throughout the building … absenteeism dropped and productivity increased. That said, I’m not suggesting lemon essential oil since its long term effects affect dopamine levels (not in a good way). Therefore, recommended oils for diffusion as well as in the bath: basil linalool, petitgrain, benzoin. Simply place 10 - 15 drops of essential oils in the bath .. adjust accordingly for your diffuser.

  5. support their hormonal health with maca root capsules just a couple times a month. There is no reason to give this to them every day, especially if you’re using EO’s and supporting their digestion.

Essential oils are signaling molecules that improve the body’s response to the environment. They support the digestive system which also helps with mental and emotional health. Because their bodies have not been compromised for as many years as ‘ours’ have, their response time is rapid and the more comfortable you are with this lifestyle, the more inclined they will be to make this their way of life which reduces their risk of becoming a statistic ….

In closing: digestion is severely altered when the body is chronically stressed. What’s more, your child inherited your digestive system as gut dysbiosis is more common than discussed and alters the microflora of the placenta and affects their gut health before birth. Between the supplement suggestions and the use of oils, it is very easy to protect them from dysbiosis health issues … Plus, the EO suggestions are general recommendations which means adjustments may be required because due to genetic differences ….

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