Nutrition I Recommend & Why

Raw Cacao ... in so many ways, raw chocolate is the perfect food. (check out this document I  provide every one of my clients regarding the benefits plus recipes.) Now I know a number of people could say chocolate triggers migraines and I understand that is their experience; however, processed chocolate and raw cacao are not the same 'animal' / food. Much like pasteurized milk and raw milk. Just because milk is in the description does not mean it is the same. Nonetheless, the bottom line benefit of raw cacao is it contains the nutrients the DNA requires for self-repair.

Gelatinized Maca Root Powder ... an exceptional food for helping the hormonal system adapt to stress. That said, it is not recommended for everyone and is better suited to be consumed from time to time. Please note, the body is organic which means it changes from day to day. Check in with yourself; do you feel like including maca root is something that would benefit you. Trust your gut and if you forget about it for a while; trust that as well. The reason for gelatinized is because it is easier on the digestive tract. 

Ashwagandha ... this adaptogen assists with the appropriation of cortisol. In other words, it helps with reducing the cortisol load that is stimulating the stress response and encourages the body to use this hormone for other purposes i.e. an anti-inflammatory. High cortisol levels lead to inflammation / oxidative stress; yet, the body has the ability to regulate itself and actually use the same chemical by pairing it with other chemicals in order to relieve the inflammation. Please keep in mind, ashwagandha is not the only answer; depending on the individual, other things will be required for assistance i.e. custom essential oil blend choices

Neem Powder ... not to be used on an ongoing basis especially if you're living with an autoimmune disorder; however, it is exceptional for protecting the body during cold and flu season as well as fighting off active forms of aggressive bacteria and viruses.  

Electrolytes ... without question, we need our trace minerals which are depleted during times of mental, emotional and physical stress which includes heat, humidity, overexertion, exercise, medications and so on. There are a lot of products and suggestions which include basic salt and sugar. The product I share here is so much more than that AND complete with good taste without sugar. Truthfully, I suffered from not being able to sweat which is due to an unstable autonomic nervous system. I have used oils for my health and wellness for years without improvement in this area ... that is due to the fact the oils are only part of the solution. They do not contain nutrients; yet, are signaling molecules so to pair them with intentional nutrition i.e. electrolytes makes all the difference in the world. This is why Synergessence is a paradigm shift; it's a model that assists the body with working as it was designed to do.

Co-Enzyme Vitamin B Complex ... vitamin B is essential for the metabolism of protein and carbs; they are also necessary for a healthy neurological system; yet, between stress and medications, the body needs more. Because they are water soluble, the body will flush the excess which means there is no need to worry about getting too much. This particular product is quite good; in fact, I look forward to taking mine every morning. They are a chocolatey mint, chewable and because the are co-enzymated, they can be taken on an empty stomach and do not leave you with the typcial vitamin aftertaste. 

Spirulina ... I could say A LOT about spirulina. I prefer this particular brand because of its potency. I take it every day and after 'experimenting' with others, I found Gaia to produce the best product for what I'm looking for. Spirulina is 95% bioavailable which means the body gets a lot of nutrition from a rather small food source ... protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sterols (essential for vitamin D production), chlorella which cleanses the cells and an important bacteria that sources our mitochondria with the necessary energy Currently, 'they' are trying to synthesize a specific sterol in spirulina in order to manufacture a supplement that supports healthy cholesterol and vitamin D levels. I say, why not get it from the source where the synergy of nutrients supports optimal health. I realize there is talk of spirulina being toxic; however, I haven't seen evidence of that plus am fully aware that when we partner food with essential oils, the body's work is miraculous.

Magnesium Gel ... with 65% of the U.S. population taking at least one pharmaceutical on a regular basis, many mineral supplements are not recommended. Truthfully, calcium should NOT be being taken in supplement form AT ALL. The American Heart Association is stating that the blood serum levels of calcium throughout the U.S. population is too high and this would have everything to do with the fact that vitamin D is either not being produced and / or used properly due to an overactive stress response (a GOOD reason for getting your spirulina) Between this and the fact that calcium is used in the activation of the immune system, adding fuel to the fire seems questionable. I say this because if you're living with a health condition, your immune system is activated at various levels and because no two immune systems are the same, we're better off stabiizing it which brings me to magnesium. There are times when taking the supplement is ok; however, like I mentioned, with so many people taking medications, there are times when taking magnesium is contraindicated; yet, it is needed for MANY functions in the body from hormonal regulation and relaxing smooth muscle to soothing the immune response. This gel is incredible; although, it does cause my skin to temporarily tingle, it relieves muscle tightness, relaxes me enough to sleep deeply and more. I will say, besides the tingling, it does leave a little fine residue that can be wiped off; so, I don't recommend using it during the day where dark clothing are involved.

Mastic Gum ... digestive health begins to decline during bouts of stress; ongoing stress and digestive disruption lead to oxidative stress due to necessary genetic adaptations. Keep in mind, the body can reverse this process, it's just not getting the chance. That said, MANY people suffer from indigestion, heartburn, more serious digestive issues, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, varicose veins, venous insufficiency, low testosterone, autoimmune dis-orders, respiratory issues including asthma and COPD, histamine intolerance, mood disorders / mental health concernsand more. ALL of this points to nitric oxide synthase, a very critical genetic complex and mastic is an exceptional offering for us to combat these issues. Again, mastic gum alone is not the answer; yet, it does lessen the critical nature of these conditions while essential oils assist with relieving the stress response and modifying genetic function.

Betain plus HP ... while so many people talk of taking probiotics, I do not align with megadosing on them. Primarily because they accentuate the activity of the immune system. While there is cause to take them from time to time, they are not indicated for ongoing use. In fact, there are a number of ways to source the gut flora with foods such as onions and garlic. Furthermore, one of the reasons we have stomach acid is to regulate the good and 'bad' bacteria in our gut; however, with the impact of environmental estrogens on our nitric oxide synthase and methylation pathway as a whole, overdosing on what we already have i.e. probiotics / good bacteria isn't warranted. At the same time, helping the body with essential oils is critical .. that and helping the body to regulate the bacteria with such things as betain. Dysbiosis is common and leads to so many health issues (keep in mind, stress disrupts digestion in a number of ways) that I mentioned above. What's more, it slows the thyroid which (believe it or not) is requried for some immune functions; therefore, including betain makes sense for full system regulation.