Healing with an Alchemist

Exploring Nature, Nutrition, Essential Oils and You

This is an opportunity to learn and integrate the ancient art of alchemy.

‘Healing with an Alchemist’ is an open discussion on the art and science of healing as we cover individual health questions, discover powerful ways to personalize wellness, by pairing specific nutrient rich foods with complimentary essential oils. We also investigate the mind / body connection and learn ways to raise the frequency of who we are with ourselves and in the world.

This comprehensive two hour program requires safety and confidentiality, which is why class size is limited. Essentially what every participant receives is a personal consult accompanied by in-depth information for the purpose of broadening our understanding of healing and how to use this knowledge beyond the workshop.

Handouts are included; however, taking additional notes as details relate to you is encouraged. No audio or video recordings are allowed.

No audio or video recordings are allowed.

Tasty treats and beverages are provided.

For additional information as well as to book either a private session for yourself or an onsite workshop for up to 6 people, please email me or fill in the form below.

Working with essential oils at this level is incredible, and I stand behind every thing I share. At the same time, nothing is stagnant …. therefore, covering everything in a single course is nearly impossible as nature is divinely complex. As I develop additional content, it gets shared on YouTube and here; however, nothing is duplicated … that’s how comprehensive this material is! What’s more, I believe the insights and details shared on this site is absolutely necessary; however, my intent is to simply inform and provide a platform for choice … not force, just guide.

With that, let me know on the form below if there is something specific you’d like to hear more on. At the same time, if you’re interested in a more personalized approach, feel free to contact me below with that as well. As for costs, I ask that you pay what you can. Until then, just know I appreciate being on this journey with you!

I’m also pleased to announce that smaller course sections are now available through Gumroad.

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