I’ve made some changes to the way I present | teach my methods for incorporating essential oils. The truth is, this work is valuable, and I stand behind every word. At the same time, it’s evolving …. That said, trying to capture everything into a single course is next to impossible as change is the only constant. Therefore, I am excited to announce that I am holding nothing back! As I develop the information, it is being shared both on YouTube and here; although, nothing is duplicated; that’s how comprehensive this material is! What’s more, I believe the insights and details shared on these pages is absolutely necessary; however, my intent is to simply inform and provide a platform for choice … not force change.

With that, all information is provided completely free of charge; yet, should you feel called, donations are appreciated. No donation is too small … Also, please let me know on the form below if there is something specific you’d like to hear more on. And, if you’re interested in a more personalized approach, feel free to contact me for that as well. We can discuss costs at that time. Until then, just know I appreciate being on this journey with you!


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