Since 2004, Synergessence has been supporting mental health and Autism through donations to NAMI as well as other local services ...


Good health is our birthright and Synergessence is my healing art as I specialize in stability …. in body and mind.

As an Internationally Certified Aromatologist and Integrative Wellness Consultant, I have accumulated over 30 years of experience between aromatherapy, pharmacology and nutrition.

While I strive to demonstrate to reveal the evidence behind my suggestions, I also seek to empower the healing potential in the individual practices. There are a lot of recommendations for how to use essential oils and when; yet, the body is incredibly unique and what works for one doesn’t always work for another. Therefore, I offer uplifting insights and suggestions that guide you through the process of improving and sustaining good health. And what’s even cooler, we can do this one on one or in a group … I look forward to meeting you!

Pre-register for the Synergessence Healing Weekend Retreat in the incredible landscapes of Santa Fe, NM … dates have yet to be determined; however, the intention is to have one in August, 2019, another in September, 2019 and one final one for the year in October, 2019. The expected time frame: each retreat begins early Friday evening and runs all day Saturday and again on Sunday. The offerings include amazing organic food, storytelling, writing, art, movement i.e. yoga and Nia, meditation, time in nature as well as working with the sense of smell. Please contact me in order to remain updated as well as let me know what month you are interested in; and by all means, register today since space is limited!. $250 holds your spot. However, I have yet to finalize the full cost of the retreat; once I do, you have the option of making payments or paying it in full. I cannot see the total being more than $1100, minus your deposit, which includes lodging, food and listed activities …

The Wellness Breakthrough formerlyAromatherapy as a Lifestyle’

I changed the name because Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle doesn’t capture the essence of the class. Join me in this comprehensive look at how essential oils actually have the ability to facilitate a breakthrough in wellness. 35 presentations, 25 handouts, case studies and live discussions.

We explore the nature of health and wellness in evidence-based as well as fresh ways, sharing effective steps for wisely personalizing and integrating essential oils into every area of life, from personal care and minor emergencies to knowing how to support your body with overcoming the more difficult health issues, including mental health.

The cost to become a member is $1100.00. Once signed up, you will be given a link to join the FB class where you’ll have access to lecture videos, supporting handouts, live discussions as well as remain in an ongoing discussion on current trends and studies. In other words, this is a lifetime of learning and discussion for as long as you care to be involved.

From what I’ve seen, other programs teach in segments and after a while the costs add up. What you get here is all of ‘that’ and so much more ….

Several learning outcomes include:

  • know key chemical compounds and how they work in the body

  • describe the nature of stress

  • describe the effects of essential oils, from system to cell

  • explain how to select oils and for what purpose

  • recognize what it means to partner with your body

  • blending techniques that create a formula 100x better than a single note essential oil

Please know, I sincerely look forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with you! Click the buy now button below to pay the full amount. If you prefer, I do have several payment options available that must be set up with me directly.

The Wellness Breakthrough | Overcoming Anxiety an email course committed to not only providing you with a number of powerful tools necessary for breaking through the barrier of anxiety, it explores why ‘we’ even experience anxiety at all. With this, you learn sustainable methods for relieving mental distress, overwhelm, panic, worry, and / or doubt as well as the physical symptoms that often accompany it. The cost to sign up is $187.50 which is paid via PayPal Once registered, you receive 2 jam-packed emails a week, complete with videos and downloadable documents for 4 weeks as well as a link to my private FB group that offers additional ongoing support, understanding and love.

Personal Consults and Personalized Formulas are available. Please email me with your inquiry


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