Since 2004, Synergessence has been supporting mental health and Autism through donations to NAMI as well as other local services ...


Good health is our birthright and Synergessence is my healing art as I specialize in stability …. in body and mind.

As an Internationally Certified Aromatologist and Integrative Wellness Consultant, I have accumulated over 30 years of experience between aromatherapy, pharmacology and nutrition.

While I strive to demonstrate to reveal the evidence behind my suggestions, I also seek to empower the healing potential in the individual practices. There are a lot of recommendations for how to use essential oils and when; yet, the body is incredibly unique and what works for one doesn’t always work for another. Therefore, I offer uplifting insights and suggestions that guide you through the process of improving and sustaining good health. And what’s even cooler, we can do this one on one or in a group … I look forward to meeting you!

The Wellness Breakthrough formerlyAromatherapy as a Lifestyle’

I changed the name because Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle doesn’t capture the essence of the class. Join me in this comprehensive look at how essential oils actually have the ability to facilitate a breakthrough in wellness. 35 presentations with 25 handouts and more.

We take a look at the nature of health and wellness in evidence-based, yet unpracticed ways, sharing effective steps for wisely personalizing the use of essential oils into every area of life. In it we explore stress in an entirely new light, personal care, minor emergencies, emotional distress, children, pets along with CYP450 enzymes and medication.

The cost to register is $250.00. Once signed up, you receive a link for joining the FB class where you’ll have access to videos, handouts, live discussions and more.

A few learning outcomes include:

  • know key chemical compounds and how they work in the body

  • describe the nature of stress

  • describe the effects of essential oils, from system to cell

  • explain how to select oils and for what purpose

  • recognize what it means to partner with your body

Did I mention ….. your participation is required!

Honoring Anxiety with Essential Oils join me on March 31st from 1 - 3p mountain time as I talk about specific essential oils that provide emotional support, relief and inner guidance as the mind and body reconnect to serve you. The cost to attend is $75 which can be paid via PayPal Once registered, you’ll receive all the details for joining in. If for some reason you cannot make the live session, a follow-up link will be emailed to you within 24 hours

Digestzen is a lifestyle, challenging the current mindset in order to integrate all of life for increasing vitality and wellness

Digestion is how we take in and assimilate life. In an ideal world, conversations like Digestzen would be a non-issue; yet, as it is, there is stress …. a mechanism of protection and survival; however, our innovative world has the body working overtime to keep us safe and alive. Although in order to do this, there are some necessary adjustments that are instinctively made without our knowledge.

This program promises to not only shed light on and address these changes but share insights and ideas for how to partner with the body for optimal health.

If you are or know someone struggling with their mental health, have dental health concerns, wanting to lose weight, managing thyroid problems, have high cholesterol, an autoimmune disorder, taking medications ….. then you’ve found what you’ve been looking for …

I’ve designed this program to be a closed coaching group on FB where I introduce ‘food for thought’ and open live discussions for creating shifts on a weekly basis. Essentially, you are signing up for a mindfulness program that is focused on empowering health from the inside out. While conversations may come up about nutrition and such, I am not selling additional products beyond being in the group. I believe we have pretty much everything we need within us, making the goal of Digestzen access to a new way of being in every area of our life.

When you ‘buy now’ via the button below you’ll pay a one time fee of $125.00 which includes coaching and peer support as well as participation in the weekly thoughts and suggestions for things you can do on your own time for as long as you care to be a part of the group. Of course, the longer we’re in the group, the greater the tribe experience as we ripple the Digestzen experience into the world. You see, there is an intention to this work which is to radiate a greater sense of wellbeing. Without question, my ultimate desire is to awaken body wisdom, restore inner peace and let that be the unstoppable force that permeates the lives of others.

We’re not going to change life’s circumstances; however, we can alter our responses and improve not only how we feel in our body but uplift our experience of life.

Integrative Aromatology Consults What is Aromatology? The purposeful use of essential oils for improving health and wellness. This is a powerful adjunctive therapy that both enhances and compliments all other modalities when strategically applied. That said, it is quite comprehensive and requires a full assessment along with feedback and support. Potential clients have been diagnosed with a chronic health issue and more than likely taking medications. Custom essential oil blends are included. Ready to begin? Please remit your payment via PayPal to, fill in the form at the bottom of the page or email me directly and let’s get started.

Acute Care Consults, although integrative, are for more immediate concerns i.e. colds, flu, minor injuries and infections. The cost for this service is $35.00, payable via PayPal (simply send payment to, and takes place through email; although, does not include custom formulas. Have a concern you’d like to discuss? Contact me directly via email or on the form below to get started.

Custom blend reorders are developed for the unique needs of the individual. Due to the nature of this work, everything is formulated on a case by case basis and not meant to be shared. The cost for these blends begins at $26 for 5ml, $41 for 10ml and $45 for a 2oz salve which is payable via PayPal. Although you do receive a full explanation of what you’re getting and why as well as instructions, should you have questions or concerns regarding their use or effects, please email me directly at no additional cost.

Not sure where to start? Essential Oils 101 on the Synergessence FB page. A fun way to get to know me, my thought process and my love of essential oils.


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