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Introduction to Aromagenomics on Zoom

This program begins at 10:30a mountain time, and ends at 4:30p on both days. That’s 12 hours of immersion,

In this program you get:

You learn the basics of epigenetics.

  • You receive advanced training on essential oils and their constituents.

  • You learn how plant constituents (and other chemicals) influence epigenetic activity.

  • You learn why essential oils have the properties they do and how to combine them based on systems, not just symptoms.

  • You learn how to incorporate them with clients already taking medications.

  • You get coached on your own health and wellness, applying the Aromagenomics method.

  • You receive training on how to shift viewpoints, uplift and inspire

The cost to attend is $919.00 (which includes tax) and is payable via