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Healing with an Alchemist on Zoom

This is an opportunity to learn and integrate the ancient art of alchemy. As an open discussion on the science of healing, we dive into individual health questions, and discover powerful ways for personalizing our approaches.

We also explore the mind / body connection and learn ways to raise our frequency through the use of food, adaptogenic herbs, essential oils and thought … a.k.a. alchemy. This comprehensive two hour program requires safety and confidentiality, which is the reason class is limited to only 6 participants.

In this program you learn how, when and why we combine various materials as well as discuss how nature communicates and its impact on individual health. Everyone receives personalized feedback as I review the underlying causes of your dis-ease and / or dis-comfort. The intention is to broaden our understanding of both healing and the body and how to create a sustainable wellness plan that not only serves you but your entire family.

Please know, if you take medications, you are required to provide me with a list those via email prior to the program, so that I am fully prepared to guide you with safe and effective feedback.

Ready to join in? Sign up today! The cost is $115.00 for this refreshing look at health and wellness. Once your payment is received via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation of your registration along with program details and worksheets to be used the day of the Zoom workshop.

If this is not for you at this time, but you think you know someone who might be ready … by all means share it with them as well as on your social networks!

This is a global mission of sharing love and light ...