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Read on to learn more about how and why these treats were developed.

Years ago, when my kids were little, we had a number of dogs; and as I think about where they all came from, I can honestly say after decades of dogs, the majority of them ended up in my home through connections I had with other people.

Sometimes friends would find an animal and ask me if I wanted it. Other times, the darn things just showed up at my door (no kidding). On the rare occasion, I’d find myself in the shelter with one of my kids because they wanted to adopt; yet, that was rare. We could only house so many. Let’s be real, I had 6 kids plus their friends .. I didn’t need a kennel.

Every one of them was awesome. I can only recall one sharpei becoming a behavioral issue and that was only after she had her puppies. Essentially, they were great family members with their own unique quirks.

Merlin was actually an akita mix we adopted from the shelter. He was a super dog; although, he did have 2 holes in his skull that no one seemed able to explain. The shelter did their best to doctor him and once he was home with us, He healed rapidly. That said, he got along with all the other dogs as had been my experience with the others.

As my kids grew and moved out, so did the dogs. I chose to give that part of my life a break as I became acquainted with an empty house. Fast forward a few years without any pets and the next thing I know within 2 months, I have 2 dogs .. both from one of my sons. The older one was used to being his own dog .. coming and going as he pleased .. and really digging an autonomous life. He spent a short period of time coming and going; eventually deciding he wanted to stay with me. At the same time, this same son found a boxer pit puppy he absolutely adored and since ‘Theo had picked me’, my son decided to replace his first dog. As it goes, there were a number of BIG life changes going on and my son spent a great deal of time at staying with me; hence, 2 dogs … because they stayed when their ‘dad’ moved on.

One of the first things I noticed about Theo was he would panic when left alone. He wasn’t destructive and at the same time, was difficult to console when I returned. Nymeria, on the other hand, began to show signs of massive panic attacks, never wanting to be without her human. Her behavior was SO off the wall that she actually shredded the roof of my car. I had to do something.

With my background in oils, herbs and brain chemistry, it made sense to introduce some calming herbs into their diet … on a regular, daily basis. They may be dogs ..…can I just say that I DESPISE that statement … they’re only dogs. Look at it this way, they are animals just like us.

The DNA, although structured differently between humans and dogs, operates identically throughout nature; this is my specialty.

So I did; I began with skullcap in their water. That worked for him; however, she was / is a barker (I call her the town crier) … a sign of not wanting to be alone. I have never experienced such a dog. Even when I’m in the house, if she’s outside, she’ll bark for Theo (& now Kilo (we’ll get to his story shortly) to come outside.

I know, it’s their nature to bark. Yes AND they also get wound up and find it difficult to self regulate. Truthfully, I have no problem with a little barking here and there, it has more to do with her inability to stop. We live in a small area and she is without exaggeration, loud. So, I began adding herbs to her food which clearly made a difference without changing her energy levels or her senses.

You see, my head has been pondering many things about our fur babies. Nearly a year ago, I interviewed a woman on my radio show with a background in animal nutrition. During our conversation, she shared quite a bit of information regarding the quality of commercial dog food; although, my specialty has been environmental chemicals and their impact on human health, I cannot help but say the same thing can be said for our animals. I began devoting as much time to researching the effects on both domestic and wild animals and as it goes, more and more are suffering as a result of our technology.

What’s more, 2 of my children were adopted into our family after a number of years of mental, emotional, and physical trauma. Although I thought I knew their background through State disclosures, it became evident these government officials didn’t have a clue. How could they? The girls had been voluntarily surrendered. Who in the world would disclose 100% fact about why they’re giving up their child(ren)? It’s a painful experience for everyone involved. Needless to say, I began to ‘see’ the source of the wounds, which exposed so much pain that I couldn’t help but be profoundly changed from feeling like an outsider to dying to be connected. I wished I could take that pain from them; no one should have to feel that much hurt and fear; yet, they did and all I wanted for them was to feel comfortable in their skin.

About a month ago, my son decided Theo should live with him, leaving Nymeria all by herself. Therefore, I decided to adopt yet another dog to be her new partner, Kilo; a sweet, gentle creature with an incredibly fierce survival mode. The shelter said he’d been surrendered due to getting out of the yard all the time. Well, first of all, the dog is 5 years old and still had his balls. Of course, he’s going to try and get out if there’s a dog in heat somewhere nearby. However, I have to drag him out of the house which leads me to question the statement that he would dig his way out of the yard. In fact, unless forced to go out, he parks himself right next to me OR paces around the house when I’m moving about. Yup, another case of anxiety. The bottom line, the disclosure was inaccurate..

Taking everything I’ve shared so far into consideration, from innate nature to environmental chemicals and abuse, I totally get this dog. In fact, after one month of being in our home, it’s clear he loves to love and at the same time is afraid he won’t eat which tells me he was not fed on a regular basis by any human .. this explains the fierceness of survival.

This is how the mellow bites and the digestive bites came into existence. I cook every meal for them and make sure to add the types of ingredients found in these two treats into their food. Not to mention, stress diminishes digestive function, aggravating the entire system and leading to any number of things including mood challenges. Therefore, the better their digestion, the more stable the brain chemistry.

Will these dogs ever experience life without these types of ingredients … no! They live on planet earth and human technology is bringing harm to their bodies as it is to ours. Helping them feel more comfortable in their skin is the goal of every MadDog product.


MadDog Mellow Bites

(ok to share with humans J)  

These were developed because dogs, like humans, experience tension and anxiety.

What’s worse, the higher our stress levels, the more nervous they become.

Who doesn’t like a calm and peaceful home? Or outing?

While these treats are relaxing, they are not meant for sleep. This isn’t to say your fur baby won’t take a nap; they might. However, the purpose is to help them handle stress.

Additional available treats:

·       Heart health

·       Digestion also supports the Immune System

·       Joint health

Each ‘bite’ is made with organic, wholesome ingredients (without sugar and salt) as well as love in Madrid, NM.

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These Mellow Bites helped us travel, train, introduce a new dog, move and even be around other dogs ..

AND now, I’m excited to share them with you …

Mellow Bites ingredients (all organic): ashwagandha, chamomile, passion flower, lemon balm, unsalted / unsweetened peanut butter, unrefined expeller pressed grapeseed oil, water, rosemary extract

Digestive Bites ingredients (all organic; pictured below): hemp hearts, sweet potato, red beet, ashwagandha, neem, ginger root extract, rosemary extract

MadDog is a division of Synergessence, & a local business in Madrid, NM. To order Mellow Bites, Digestive Bites or both,, PayPal me $18.00 for 1 tub or $30.00 for 2 (includes shipping). Email me with questions or to inquire about additional treats for joint pain, digestion and heart health,