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Understanding Equals Safety

Alignment is key; within ourselves and the nature of our existence. How do we create alignment? Through feelings, thoughts and actions, being intentional with our choices and mindful of our goals. This is the gift of being human …. We may be the essence of nature but we also have the ability to work with this energy for the collective highest good (not control from fear although even if we do, there is something to gain from the experience). At this point, whatever we’ve done is behind us and cannot be changed; however, our understanding can transmute it into a powerful next step. Therefore, think of everything up until now as a foundation to stand on .. allow it to fertilize the parts of you that rose out of the darkness and empower this newer version of you. The way I see it, when we soften our judgments, the stronger and safer we become because we allow for grace and fluidity…..this is our truest nature. Don’t believe me …. take a look around …. plants and trees don’t judge one another on their color or shape; they simply grow and adapt according to the needs of all.

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The Unknown Addiction
Peace Equals Health

consider the difference this perspective could make for so many of us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin i.e.. the hypersensitive and anxious

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