Peace Equals Health

So, I know I’ve talked about this in my videos before and have, at the very least, hinted at it in prior posts; however, after coming across the image I’ve attached, it only made sense to say more about being wired for peace. Keep in mind, the peace I suggest is inner because in my humble opinion, the external changes we wish to see are an inside job. Truthfully, there are a number of words I could have thrown out here: tranquility, serenity, stillness, calm; however, none of those words touch the point I’m trying to make. Inner peace requires, above all, unconditional empathy and compassion for one’s self. And in all honesty, it’s not difficult to achieve given the right environment … which is the key.

I can’t begin to describe how frustrated I feel when I read something or hear someone say: ‘just breathe’ or ‘think positively’. Don’t get me wrong, these ideas are great in theory; however, we live on a planet that is populated with bacteria and viruses, as we consume products that contain chemicals known to be harmful. I happen to know people who have worked in the very chemical companies that produce recognized carcinogens. What’s more, I’ve seen and have the list of FDA approved chemical additives, which totals out at well over 100. Now, I’m not telling you this to create upset or sound like an extremist. Quite frankly, this is our reality and no amount of ‘horn blowing’ is going to do anything to eradicate them today ….. (this isn’t suggesting we forget about activism….. do it!!  Raise awareness and do what you can to help eliminate these hazardous substances) … which means, it’s time we at least identify the elephant in the room. What everyone decides to do from there is up to them. Nevertheless, peace and disharmony cannot exist in the same space. You might be wondering why I’m trying to parallel chemicals in our personal products with peace. Well, consider, if you will, a chemical that is known to cause cancer or for that matter, influence changes within the brain i.e. caffeine or sugars … don’t you think this wouldn’t register as stress in the body? At the very least, the carcinogen has inflammatory effects.

Let’s shine the light in another direction for a moment. Put yourself in an aggravating conversation and someone makes a derogatory comment. Depending on the circumstances and people involved, you might feel some level of frustration and anger. In either case, these are inflamed reactions. This is why we hear about toxic people and relationships. Toxic is toxic whether it’s FDA approved or a co-worker and even though you might feel good after applying that luxurious lotion or eating a packaged weight-loss boosting meal, the threat to the body on a cellular level is real and just like you or I would jump to defend something or someone, so do the genes. This is, by all rights, a better definition of stress: a mechanism for protection. Essentially, stress is meant to alleviate as well as prevent problems rather cause them. The reason we experience endless symptoms like insomnia, pain, gas and bloating, sugar cravings, anxiety, headaches on up to dis-eases and dis-orders is because the body is not getting a break from the aggravation; therefore, peace and balance are not achieved for very long.

Allow me to explain.

Over 80 years ago, it was discovered that the DNA actually has the capability to alter itself as needed. Some might wonder why or how this could be; but if you think about it, there are some distinct differences between humans today and humans thousands of years ago. This is all due to genetic adaptation. Through the Human Genome Project, scientists have distinguished 64 significant changes throughout the course of our existence. Take, for example the four opioid receptors located on a number of chromosomes in the nervous and digestive systems, which has not always been the case. Their evolution was influenced by circumstance and a need for change which included social interactions and the formation of stable, emotionally committed relationships. During the course of the black plague, I believe approximately 70 million people died. It sounds like we were on our way to extinction; yet, something happened. That something was an alteration within the immune system. To me, the idea of an undeniable force ‘acting’ on our behalf is awe inspiring!

What’s just as fascinating is the way our genes are switched on and off by our very own hormones in order to regulate function, protect us from illness, heal injuries and even eliminate toxins. Again, in an ideal world, this translates to peace and balance because every chemical produced by the body is needed for one thing or another. You may not agree with me and that’s ok. I get it. The conventional mindset … the way we’ve been trained to think is the body is incapable and dis-eases and dis-orders are problems. Well, without a doubt, dis-eases and dis-orders are a fact of life and in all fairness, I operated within this context for most of mine. That was, however, until I discovered the opposite to what we’re being ‘taught’. What’s more, I came to realize that the human body is more often than not, actually ‘stuck’ in a chronic state of stress; although, it’s not entirely due to what I’ve mentioned so far. Nor is it the result of the endless mental and emotional upsets we go through …. The way I see it, it’s linked to the idea that our body is defective. Look at it this way, what does it feel like to doubt your abilities / creativity / intelligence / credibility / appearance ….. (you get the idea). Give it some thought. Chances are you’re not upbeat and joyful about the doubt. Well, these low vibe, negative thoughts are inflammatory ….. Why? …… Because you are being hard on yourself; therefore, provoking emotional stress. This is the reason we hear so much about positivity. Frankly, mastery is an illusion and no one is 100% charmed. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. And rather than compare ourselves with another person, maybe we’d be better off appreciating the things that make us who we are ….what are our passions? What excites the hell out of us? I say, do it .. let’s put our own unique spin on it and be the best version of our self that we can be! No one can be better than you .. there’s only one you!

Ok, so the point is, positivity about one self is good; being real about what’s going on emotionally is even better. If angry, admit it and be responsible with it. If we try something and it doesn’t go well .. celebrate the effort and courage it took. When it comes to the health of the body, we have to believe the body is capable of keeping us safe and healthy. Each of us has the potential to rise above our family history. Let’s face it, this world is far more toxic than it was 100 years ago which means the illnesses our family members struggled with pale in comparison to what you or I currently face. This doesn’t mean that sickness is our destiny. Remember, our systems are adaptable. In other words, nothing is set in stone when it comes to illness. We absolutely have it within us to change. The challenge is so many of us ‘hate change’. What an interesting thought given what we are collectively experiencing. Nonetheless, in order to improve our chances, we must shift our focus from negativity to positivity.

Look at it this way. A dis-ease or dis-order is by all rights a problem; yet, we also say: ‘give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him how to fish and he eats for life’. What would happen if we applied this theory to our body? As it is, when the health declines, we seek to control the symptoms (which I totally understand); however, this remedial care is inhibiting at best. Why? Because we’re attempting to solve the problem for the body rather than giving it what it needs to keep us healthy for life. In fact, we’ve become so accustomed to being sick that to think any differently is, at best, overwhelmingly abstract. Therefore, the first step towards improvement must be the willingness to make a change … even if it’s a little agreement to at least consider another perspective. That little step creates opportunity and frankly, there’s no better place to start. Possibility. Next we work with what we have which is a body working for us regardless of the symptoms we’re experiencing. As long as we’re breathing, something is working in our favor; and, just like teaching a man to fish, we must teach the body to use nutrients. This is HUGE because in the presence of stress, the body makes some necessary changes for the sake of survival, no matter what, which includes slowing down digestion and assimilation. This may sound strange given the fact that our lives aren’t really ‘on the line’ and yet, it is when we consider the state of our environment. This is why I say the body is wise and simple positivity doesn’t fully correct the issue. Neither does the daily worry about bills, kids, politics and so on. Nevertheless, supporting the body to use our food so that it can produce the necessary chemistry in order to sustain life, makes sense. at the same time, so does symptom relief.

Our collective state of health is poor and I don’t see much improving as long as we continue addressing it as we have been. Nor do I think just enhancing digestion is the answer. On the contrary, it’s going to take the two ideologies working together for the greater good … you know, helping to restore balance so that inner peace is restored. Whether you know it or not, the production of hormones and neurotransmitters relies on the efficient breakdown and assimilation of nutrients. What’s more, these very chemicals along with many others are used to regulate the immune system. Trust me, I realize this is not an easy fix; however, be fair, it is a beginning.  Besides, when we feel better, our demeanor and behavior gets better; until then, all we’re really doing is furthering the turmoil and conflict from the inside out. Therefore, be selfish so that you can be selfless. Know that it’s in your genes to feel the peace and that peace equals health ….. no matter how you look at it…. (think about the difference this perspective could make for so many of us feeling uncomfortable in our own skin i.e.. the hypersensitive and anxious

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