I'm Not Worthy

Better yet: who do you think you are? These personal doubts are what I believe to be absolute killers. They rob us of our joy, interrupt our creative flow, stop us from fully pursuing our desires, and even blind us to the beauty in front of us. These underlying beliefs, for as insidious and deceptive as they are, are essentially our biggest source of dis-comfort, dis-order and dis-ease.

Take a moment and think back on a time when you had a dream and hesitated to take action on it. What was it that caused you to pause? I know, who wants to dig up old disappointments, right? Well, I’m asking as a way of illustrating a point. I see this all the time with anxiety and even eating disorders; a couple of issues I am intimately familiar with. We come into this world full of wonder and curiosity, believing the world is ours; only to discover the ‘bumps’ and ‘stops’. Eventually, we get this idea that we’re not the right person to do it; hence, who do you think you are? Depending on the circumstances and other people involved, we take the hint and accept that we’re not worthy. Ok, so life has its points; yet, these are NOT IT!! Not in the least; in fact, the opposite is true. We are handed these problems in order to discover that we really are worthy and we know we are the one to do it; however, this is not the typical guidance. Most of us are left to deal with the pain and disappointment which is why we allow these useless beliefs to lead the way, whether we know it or not.

What’s worse is all the damage we’re doing to our health! You’ve heard it: stress kills; well, what the heck do you call living under this type of umbrella? Like I said, many people are unaware that these beliefs are even a part of their inner dialogue …. It takes a brave person to not only reflect back on all those times when ….. but to uncover and admit to the existence of these thoughts. When you / we do, we take the first step to recovering a better state of health

As I’ve been saying for years, no one has to be a statistic; meaning, you do not need to repeat your family’s health history. Even Dr. Bruce Lipton tells us that we are not our genes; yet, SO many people are living with some type of dis-comfort, dis-order or dis-ease! Why? I believe the answer does lie in our genes; although, not because of heredity. You see, the DNA through nature adapts as needed. Every time, this occurs in our best interest (I know, you beg to disagree which I do appreciate and ask you to hold that thought for a moment or two). Adaptation has been going on for as long as life forms have been in existence. Each change brought on new varieties, more diverse genetic receptors, protected the organism from potential harm, influenced reproduction and so on. It just so happens that the human species is the one struggling the most with undoing some of the temporary changes; consequently, poor health. Currently, there is an unidentified ‘battle’ between those that study the genome, those that believe the highly marketable genetic tests are applicable and the others that talk about the ability to alter our genetic expression. Quite frankly, each one has their place. Genomic research lends a lot to the development of pharmaceuticals and can certainly assist with genetically personalizing them. Testing the general public really does provide an amazing genetic database for connecting biomarkers and knowing our DNA / epigenome is adaptable is extraordinary news! In fact, based on all the ‘fact finding’ research I’ve conducted ….and trust me, I was open to discovering a collection of genetic defects ….. the road to good health begins with our thoughts. Yup, just like some scientists have been talking about i.e. in The Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Liption or Molecules of Emotion by Dr. Candace B. Pert, there is a science to the mind / body connection. Oh my gosh, even Deepak Chopra did an audio series on this years ago that I loved long before my youngest was born and he’s now 22! Regardless, besides what these phenomenal minds have uncovered, my own research reveals the inner workings of the DNA and the adaptability of the epigenome. Unfortunately, many people struggle to wrap their heads around this idea ……. and all I know to do is ask: what does being unhealthy provide you? Are you worthy of being healthy? Or do you believe since everyone else before you lived with poor health, you should too because who are you to be healthy? These aren’t easy questions to ask; yet, my commitment to wellness is stronger than the fear of upsetting someone. Sometimes, it takes a little bit of discomfort to wake us up which is what I mentioned in my post ‘The Body isn’t Stupid”. At any rate, it will take a bit more than just positive thinking to undo what’s been done; however, it’s a great place to start.

That said, our thoughts are not the primary or only cause of poor health; thoughts are just one form of information, we’re exposed to so much. At the same time, given the type of world we live in and the number of people seeking some type of mental / emotional help, talking about our thoughts and emotions is necessary. The fact is humans have the ability to think and reason which is frequently riddled with doubt, worry and interpretations. Without knowing it, our lives are generated from this combination, both inside and out. When we believe we don’t deserve because we’re not worthy, we restrict our actions. When we doubt we’re capable, we tell others we’re not the ones to get the ‘job’ done. How do you suppose this translates in the body? I see this all the time. People taking the chemistry that the body is designed to produce on its own i.e. CoQ10, SAMe, melatonin, neurotransmitters and hormones, vitamin D (which is the reason for my current newsletter) ….. Keep in mind, we are wired to adapt when faced with stressors … ALL manner of stress, not just external toxins. If you give the body something it’s supposed to make, what message are you sending to it? If you keep telling yourself that you’re not worthy or the one to do something, what sort of stress do you think you’re now imposing? I’ve had to remind myself of these questions over and over again. As a trauma survivor, I am far too familiar with destructive belief systems and appreciate what it takes to be true to my light. Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not …. what is the point to telling yourself you deserve less than others or for that matter need to suffer? What do you gain from disbelief? Again, your religious or spiritual affiliation doesn’t matter here…. no one deserves to suffer! I’m here to tell you, research is demonstrating the way these negative thought patterns are creating shifts within us and generating toxic reactions. Truthfully, I believe when we tell ourselves we don’t deserve or should restrict our lives because ....  the result is profound, we are unknowingly deactivating our receptors. all because we tell ourselves that we are not worthy .... everyone is worthy of good health Mind you, this begins prior to conception and continues on into the womb and throughout life unless we choose to redirect our energy.

This is a lot of information; therefore, to bottom line it, we have the right to good health and all that we need begins with ownership. Owning that we have the power to think differently, see opportunities, make positive choices and know we’re worthy of a good life …. You are the creator of your life from the inside out. Nature may have responded in ways long before this point; yet, each of us has the power to adapt in the most positive of ways.

Before closing, I wanted to share this delightful story of 100-year-old twins, in case you haven’t seen it, as well as point out that one of them experienced cancer and two heart attacks while the other lived a fairly healthy life. Science has been studying the epigenome of twins for some time now, and this is a common observation. The epigenomes start out, by all rights, similar, and then change as they age. These changes are the result of mental, emotional, environmental and lifestyle choices ….. just a little something to make you go …. hmmmmmm