Give It a Rest .....

For lack of a better way to say this … we are a society captivated with the idea: ‘if some is good, more is better’. We over think, drink, eat, supplement, medicate, exercise, use body care products, talk, research, search, react, treat and you get the point ….. essentially this is a self-imposed bulk mentality. Trust me, I know how nice it is to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels and laundry soap; however, having more of something doesn’t mean we need to use more of it. At the same time, when virtually every necessity comes in larger quantities or multipacks, what do you suppose the underlying interpretation might be? Something like: ‘buy more, use more, save money?!’ Let’s be real, who isn’t looking to save money these days? And if we can get our hands on products without the worry of spending too much, then why be frugal, right? In all honesty, I can’t blame anyone for indulging in what appears to be a bit of relief from some of the financial pressures. I get it, today’s world is tough; however, this need to get the most out of our money, from my perspective, is actually killing us; or at the very least, causing undue harm. Aside from what I’ve already mentioned, many products are ‘cut’ with a variety of chemicals in order to extend the ingredients as well as keep the costs down; from shampoos and packaged foods to essential oils and street drugs. Needless to say, we end up using and doing more because ….

Now look, I’m not picking on anyone or anything. This is simply the way our world has evolved. Oh my goodness, I can even relate to it and it is for this reason I write this post. You see, I had a tough time wrapping my head around backing off on some things. I used to take my kids to Chinese buffets because I wanted them to eat as much as they could while I saved money on food …. Or was I? Thinking back on how I used to do things is overwhelming …. I was no different than anyone else; just doing what I could to get the best out of everything …. that was until I found my way into the study of plants, genetics, biochemistry along with world religion and spirituality. I know, strange combination; yet, it works because even though it seems science is separate from religion and spirituality, they’re not. Scientists have been seeking consciousness for HUNDREDS of years as our religious leaders have been involved in science and healing for just as long if not longer! Nonetheless, I’ve developed some theories along the way, in addition to adopting a ‘less is more’ lifestyle. No, this isn’t a push for material minimalism; that’s an individual choice. On the other hand, you are invited to consider that EVERYTHING is information … from the people and things sitting around us, to the light, sounds, flavors and aromas you can and CANNOT smell … everything. Furthermore, information is energy which signals reactions all throughout nature. This is why some settings feel more comfortable than others .. the information registers within the brain which is then interpreted and stimulates a chemical reaction. However, it doesn’t stop there because your thoughts and emotions about the situation add fuel to the fire, if you will, and affect the final response.

It all sounds great and natural and it is. We just don’t realize that at some point, the incoming information is overwhelming a.k.a. stressful which ultimately triggers additional reactions as the body does what it’s designed to do ….. adapt. Without fail, the body responds to all stimuli; how this goes depends on the individual … mentally, emotionally as well as genetically. Truthfully, this is eventually how and why poor health develops. For that matter, why so many people are walking around with a legal pad full of symptoms and a recently named health condition. Look at the methylation craze; even though, a lot of the people following this path have a diagnosis, many don’t; yet, are megadosing on supplements to offset the potential issues that are related to a single or double defect on the CBS, COMT, NOS, MTHFR C677T, BHMT, VDR and so on. With all due respect to those submitting their saliva for evaluation, these tests are inconclusive at best. Besides the fact that a gene without a ‘defect’ can be as problematic if not more so, than one with at least one alteration, the epigenome is designed to fluctuate. In fact, all of nature is designed like this; hence, adaptation and possibly the reason why we’re seeing more people with heightened sensitivities i.e. autism. Personally, I don’t see abnormal health conditions including mental health and obesity as problems. I see them as signs ….. as indicators of too much information which is leading to significant adaptations. If you really must know, I believe our collective perspective is the problem. We’re attempting to control the symptoms with more information which does nothing more than confuse the issue. Think about it; you’re sitting at a table with 5 other people, all of whom are speaking to you at the same time. What happens? Chances are good that you will feel overwhelmed and eventually shut down because you can’t make sense of what anyone is saying. Either that, or single out and focus on one person only. This is not unlike what the body does every second of every day which is why the more we ‘do’, the pickier and more turned off it becomes. A great example of this has to do with alcohol consumption: the more intoxicated a person becomes, there is a very good chance that he or she will eventually pass out, only to be wide awake hours later, unable to go back to sleep. The reason for this is because the affected GABA receptor deactivates itself once it’s had all it can take.

The more I think about this, weight gain and addiction come to mind. While they are very different situations, they are terrific examples of what I believe happens when a person is overdosed with information (pun intended). Before going on, allow me to say I am trying to keep things light because these issues can be touchy …. Nevertheless, I don’t see weight gain as a deliberate act. On the contrary, I trust it has everything to do with being malnourished even though the individual eats on a regular basis. You might wonder how this could be. Let’s just say, the stress response interferes with the assimilation of nutrients; primarily glucose and protein which means the cells are not getting the nutrients they need. In turn, messages are relayed that food is required. What’s more, the ever increasing amount of adipose tissue is indicative of a need for added protection, a natural defense when the organism is being threatened; however, what is the threat? Our thoughts and emotions, pollution, food additives, heavy metals, medications ….. internal chemical imbalance? Consider all of it and more and more of us are adapting accordingly. Does this mean we compromise our wellbeing and leave well enough alone? The choice is up to each person. My belief is to recognize the messages and work with the system … not overwhelm it with negative self-talk; although, I applaud the countless men and women loving their body as is … this is an awesome step! Additionally, I would encourage nutrient dense foods while assisting the digestive process and finding ways to re-write the stress response (which is something I specialize in) and helping the body find its happy place. Truthfully, the same can be said for people living with addiction issues. In fact, cortisol has been found to affect the brain just like any known addictive substance. From my perspective, the turn to drugs, alcohol, sex, food, prescription meds, etc has more to do with the environment and level of sensitivity than it does with a deliberate decision to damage the body or relationships. You might be wondering how this is similar to weight gain. Well, the body is just as hungry; however, depending on the genetics (this isn’t to say addiction is hereditary even though there are some correlations), the neurochemistry is, by all rights, out of balance. Illicit drugs, alcohol and medications all affect specific neurotransmitter receptors. Furthermore, hormones, which are indicated in the release of appetite, satiety and release of fat plus more, also affect dopamine levels (the reward neurotransmitter involved with addiction) … I guess that answers your question about sex addiction and eating disorders. In any event, I am simplifying this to make a point and completely understand and appreciate the complexity of both concerns. That said, the point is these and all other health conditions are messages for cooperation; however, until we see them as such, we unknowingly continue inundating the system and perpetuating the problem.

The fact is the more information the cell receptors get, the faster the body shifts into protection mode. Our challenge is realizing that symptoms and the resulting illness are for our own good. We see them as bad and set out to control the progression. This goes for anything …. pain, anxiety, stimming, social withdrawal and, and, and ….. Depending on who we’re around and our interests, we might go for medical help or turn to something else including natural remedies; sometimes we combine all of it. Regardless, we’re looking at it through a negative lens. On the other hand, if we could shift our perspective to see the opportunity to work in sync with the system, we would be tapping into the life force that connects all of nature. This isn’t to say it’s not helpful to incorporate several options; it absolutely is. At the same time, it’s also advantageous to know that we can do more with less of each, especially when they are combined with the intention of complimenting one another rather than all doing same thing. The point being, a little bit goes a long way.

In all honesty, I could go on about this topic because as I've mentioned, everything is information. And when I think about the number of ingredients in food and body care products, alone, I shudder. To add medication, supplements, essential oils, herbs, thoughts and emotions (oh, did I mention other environmental factors?) to this and the body becomes a disorganized mess doing what it can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, I see and hear about the endless symptoms every day. The fact is, this is the only body we get...... and, it’s pretty damned amazing!! Because ‘we’ know the DNA is capable of altering itself and adapting to both internal and external worlds, it's fair to say that we’ve been gifted an extraordinary home which requires our love and attention; not manipulation. To me, there is a wisdom we are not tapping into because we are overwhelmed and distracted with information. What have we got to lose? What harm could come if we just gave 'it' a rest for a bit and mindfully shifted our focus towards this inner knowing, and allowing the subtle messages to guide us? Chances are we'd find a more promising road to recovery and healing as we learned to balance knowledge with wisdom.