Real Matters

One of my strongest beliefs and wishes since childhood has been that no one should be made to feel bad for being real. At the same time, the world was helping me to learn the rules for expressing emotions which was at the very best confusing. Composure is expected; however, many people seem to have a tough time keeping it together. On the other hand, upbeat behavior is preferred; although, in regulated doses because composure is key. What’s more, when a person feels the need to fully experience a messy emotion, they’re better off going through it alone because nobody else really wants or knows how to deal with them. Granted, I am speaking from my own experience; however, just spend some time in public and observe how humans relate to one another. From what I can see, we do our very best to avoid any significant interaction, especially if it’s with someone we don’t know; although, not because we’re being rude or unfriendly. On the contrary, I believe it has far more to do with feeling overwhelmed and worried about how our personal lives are going, let alone world circumstances. We are understandably, overtly concerned with both personal and global matters while feeling powerless to the emotions that come with it; so, we create ways of masking them in order to get through the daily grind. To make matters worse are the number of messages we receive or see on a daily basis about being happy and staying positive. Dare I say, this is rough.

I used to get royally PISSED at (or what I thought was at) cheerleaders and bubbly girls. How could anyone be so overjoyed with jumping and shouting; or for that matter, be that excited to see someone or something? I honestly struggled to wrap my head around such display. Needless to say, it took some time for me to understand why I felt so disturbed by this behavior; so, I ended up avoiding a lot of different activities because they just seemed fake. At any rate, I remained curious about why they bothered me SO much. Eventually, after a lot of soul searching and personal development, I came to see that I wasn’t angry with them, I was just angry with and about life; however, I had learned how to hide it because I didn’t know what to do with it. For this reason, I spent most of my life pretending I was ok.

So, what’s the point to any of this, right? Well in a nutshell, the majority of my adult life has been riddled with pain. What’s more, I invested quite a bit of time and money into trying to figure out why. My condition remained a mystery. That’s not to say, I wasn’t offered a diagnosis or two; everybody definitely had their opinion. The problem was none of them seemed accurate. I guess that’s the problem with overlapping symptoms. Yet, as I pressed on with my studies, I came upon the Human Genome Project which shed light on some very important information with the primary take-away for me being adaptation.

You see, we have our inherited traits like eye and hair color, the shape of our eyes and so on. At the same time, we have an epigenome that is consistently altered as a result of circumstance albeit mental, emotional or physical (which includes environmental). This goes on virtually with every breath and thought. How cool is this? I meant think about it ….. our body is consistently adapting to life! What is it doing this for? For our protection! The problem we face is we are exposed to SO much that the body is essentially on overload and the system is backfiring; otherwise known as, experiencing poor health and the reason why countless health conditions share symptoms. Unfortunately, we see this as bad, offer up a cocktail of stressful thoughts among other things (because we’re understandably worried) which does nothing but interfere with any significant progress. Please keep in mind, that all of us vacillate between feeling good and being concerned about something which is normal and why we experience both setbacks and improvements. That being said, there is nothing wrong with being upset; it’s how much we let the emotional stress get the best of us or for that matter, pretend like we’re ‘ok’ when we’re really not. This is just as stressful as it is to let the emotions rule our world and what I believe to be the reason I lived in such pain for so long.

As I mentioned a few paragraphs back, our system is wired for survival and even though it may seem like stuff isn’t working correctly, it absolutely is. However, long term alterations are toxic and depending on the individual genome, anything is possible.

In my own mind, I can understand how denying our authentic selves would actually signal a need for change within the body …. we’re mentally and emotionally morphing into being someone we’re not for some reason … think of the messages being sent to the cells. Now throw fake / refined food, medications, supplements, etc into the mix and the body becomes overwhelmed (paralleling our emotional state), signaling the need to make some adjustments to keep us protected. In other words, the system sends out messengers to activate or antagonize various genes and receptors. What an interesting relationship; we don’t’ feel safe so the body does what’s necessary to accommodate that even if it’s just feeling emotionally unsafe. Now granted, I know there is a lot more to health conditions than mental and emotional safety; however, they matter greatly for both recovery and sustaining good health. What’s more, they are absolutely necessary when it comes to all the manmade stuff we’re consuming! At the same time, short term or intermittent use of fun or necessary consumables isn’t a problem, especially when you’re working with the body to uphold good function. In fact, one of the receptors that comes to mind (and the reason for this post) is our vitamin D receptor. My upcoming May newsletter discusses this precious vitamin in great detail from a very unique perspective; however, I will give you a bit of a hint here: sunblock blocks (go figure) the chemical reactions that NEED to happen in order to produce vitamin D. (that’s all you get for now … subscribe to learn more)

From what I can tell, our epigenome is highly responsive to what we believe and accept. What causes it? Some people will say our thoughts. Others will tell you it’s the chemistry. In my opinion, it’s both. This world is incredibly connected with everything having its place and effect. As ‘they’ say, it’s all energy which means we have exactly what we need to influence better health, wealth, relationships and so on. The question is: are we willing to stop masking the issues and accept that real matters? (click here to hear more)