The Birth of Early Onset Illness

Let’s not waste any time. I am sounding the alarm. Childhood health issues are becoming the norm. At what point in our lifetime did this turn out to be acceptable? Look, I’m one of the first people out there talking about inner peace and learning to roll and grow with life rather than resist every twist and turn; however, there comes a time when enough is enough! Isn’t it bad enough that our children’s lives are in danger from the shear threat of violence around our communities, and now, their health is being compromised before they even arrive in our arms … this is where I take a stand. This to me is how we develop new social patterns; not unlike the tale of the 100th Monkey or why most of us don’t have enough room in our jaws for wisdom teeth …. It’s called adaptation. The next question becomes: are we willing to adapt to life blindly or intentionally? Truthfully, I understand why questions aren’t being raised ….. we trust science enough to provide what’s needed; yet, is it enough? Allow me to point something out, researchers are as human as you and I and even though their findings offer a better insight into various health conditions, they are operating from a context of control.

Well, if I haven’t pissed you off yet; cool. Please know, I do not mean any disrespect when I say these things … I totally get it. We don’t know how the body is going to respond; so, the best way to manage it is to take charge. This really isn’t any different from how society works and while there is a time and place for everything, approaching the body from a point of fear holds little promise for both recovery and / or prevention.

That said, there is a lot of money being invested into studying and diagnosing all manner of dis-ease and dis-order and to think we can affect a positive change on a dime, is highly unlikely. Therefore, it’s time we take matters into our own hands and address the root of the problem …. In this case, the parents. Allow me to clarify ….. .

Earlier today, I was on Instagram when I saw one of the mom’s I follow post something about her toddler daughter being diagnosed with an autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with a strep infection. This little girl’s brother, who is not much older than she is and living with Autism. Their story alone is hard to hear and knowing the number of children, young adults and adults living with some type of health problem as I do, it only made sense to speak out. That said, under no circumstances do I blame this mom or dad for their children’s challenges. The intention for indicating the parents as a part of the cause is because digestive function is passed down from mother to child. Furthermore, there are the inherited genetics that we acquire from both parents. How all of this plays out in any child is purely unique. To actually change these occurrences from being the ‘norm’, we have to recognize and agree that something is not right. We have to be willing to demand good health and stop listening to such ideas as ‘this is as good as it gets’ or believing that ‘history repeats itself’ which means no longer acquiescing to the idea that we are at the effect of nature! Please note, these children, like many others, are living with conditions their parents don’t have …. So what’s the catch?

We are malnourished on a cellular level and if you really must know, the body is literally dying to work for us. The problem is it’s not getting the correct information. In order to change this, we must do everything we can to wrap our heads around cooperating with nature and mindfully following the body’s lead. We are nature and innately wired to be healthy. We just have to listen to the inner wisdom rather than the neighbor or advertisement and confuse the body with too much information. Why we don’t trust our nature has confused me for many years and something I speculate comes from hundreds of years of being both intrigued and befuddled by this thing we live in.

The mind is as much of a strength as it is a weakness. So how is it with all the technology we’ve developed, and the miracles in nature we’ve witnessed, we refuse to see the human body as just as powerful and vulnerable? Personally, I am taken aback by the arrogance that believes we can outsmart nature ….. clearly we can’t! In fact, just now, I saw a ‘Good News’ article about a seven-year-old girl living with alopecia. The story is heartwarming and her acceptance is inspiring; however, at what point do we speak up for the health of future generations?! Given the current mindset and conventional model, I am concerned about how her life is going to go medically. This isn’t to say medications are not warranted; they absolutely are; as I said, everything has its place. However, this is inadequate! Yes, there are some people who benefit solely from a conventional approach; yet, the genome is adapting rapidly because it is overwhelmed. For this reason, I am advocating for simplicity. I’m asking people to revisit the way they manage their daily health and consider mindfully integrating possible options for improving the way their body uses nutrients. The more we do this, the faster our children learn how to do this for themselves AND the healthier our future generations will be.