Food for Thought

Our thoughts have the potential to be just as toxic as the world around us; sometimes even more.  While we’re all encouraged to keep our thoughts positive, there is no question, no one is immune to worry, doubt, self-annihilation, anxiety, depression … call it what you will! For this reason, I have a few suggestions for relieving this life-altering pressure. Honestly, if you’re looking for yet another ‘to-do list’, you’ll have to look elsewhere because I believe you already know what to do; and if I’m mistaken, then so be it! More often than not, what we really need is to learn how to transmute the negativity into something more useful rather than be told what to do one more time which is the nature of alchemy. Quite frankly, I find the more I step away from the hiccups of life, the faster my 'issues' are not only relieved, but resolved. Nevertheless, keep this one fact in mind:


* The job of the liver is to metabolize and convert chemicals to be either used or eliminated. Therefore, the action of reframing our perspective is PRICELESS!


*  Be real. Embrace ALL aspects of you! Give yourself permission to be pissed or concerned or, or, or! You are human and emotions come with the package. To ignore or ‘stuff’ them is to deny your fullest expression. This doesn’t mean have a public temper tantrum or be verbally abusive; I am simply suggesting acknowledging yourself. Acknowledgement creates connection and has the power to dispel upset. We all want to be seen, understood and accepted; consider this begins with you seeing, understanding and accepting yourself!


*  Unload your gripes, fears, nagging ‘voices’, etc on paper and set aside until you can mindfully ‘weed’ through them. When that time comes, check in and ask yourself:

·         How does thinking or believing like this help me in a good way?

·         Who really benefits?

·         What are these thoughts costing me … emotionally, financially, mentally, physically?

·         Be honest …


*  Love yourself! Define your boundaries!

·         What do you need?


*  What are you not accepting?

·         What ideas you are clinging too?

·         What do you gain by resisting letting go? What do you lose?


*  Be impeccable with your word (as don Miguel Ruiz has taught us) and this goes for the way you speak to yourself! Look, life happens and it’s up to each one of us to decide how we want to experience it. Choose wisely .. choose for you!


*  Be grateful (yeah, I saved ‘it’ for last); yet, being grateful for the simplest things is like a vitamin for the soul (I read that somewhere and couldn’t agree more!!). Take a mental pause and consider at least 5 things that demonstrate how well you are in life

·         You have a roof over your head

·         You have food to eat

·         You are a good person and want others to be happy

·         You have clean water

·         You are loved

·         You participate in and contribute to your world

·         You have a dream or vision

·         You strive to better yourself



Practicing any one or more of these promises to improve the quality of your health. Taking information in and converting it for your highest good is the ultimate wellness goal, whether physically or mentally; in turn, your body rewards you, beautifully! And should you doubt the power of the mind, I invite you to consider: negative thinking is a signal that something is wrong which immediately triggers a stress response. Without missing a beat, countless physiological functions are altered which changes a number of chemicals produced. Long term exposure to stress chemicals is toxic to the body and is recognized as oxidative stress. This is the reason we’re always seeking to cleanse and detox; however, when we mindfully feed the body (from essential oils, food and thoughts), it then has the necessary information to do this for itself (as it’s designed to do) on a regular basis.

Having said ALL this, there is one very important point I do not want to miss: there are a great number of us REALLY struggling with our thoughts and try as we might, it is difficult at best to rise above. It is for this reason that I strongly advocate for essential oils as an adjunctive measure. You see, they not only stimulate the noted chemical reactions, their influence is MUCH broader, including easing mental and emotional pain. Again, this takes guidance; however, if the goal is to improve our outlook, then including oils sooner than later is highly encouraged .....

On that note, could you use some help regulating your stress levels? How is your digestion? What health concerns are you currently managing? Your answers are encouraged because they assist me with content development; although, I cannot provide specific guidance without first doing a full assessment. On the other hand, if you are a professional interested in or curious to know more about essential oils ... I'm your girl!

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