Be Your Own Damn Sanctuary!

Don't undermine yourself!! 7.5+ billion people = 7.5+ billion ways. THAT is what is freaking amazing about your life / my life / our lives!! It is ours to create & enjoy & then share our stories with those around us; although, not to tell them what to do but to #inspire them to allow & follow their #truth
This has been my mantra since I was a teen ... You bet I've wrestled wit comparison a good portion of my life all because I wanted the #acceptance. That's an incredibly #beautiful aspect to being human ... experience! The learning for me was and continues to be to #accept myself 😎 .... period!
In other words, screw judgment and BE my own damn sanctuary!
SO, I recommitted to my very own CHILDHOOD belief of being true to matter how it compares to anything or anyone!
To me, our truth is what lifts us from 'ok' to awesome!!
The way I see it, comparison is harmful. There is no one else like you or me .... let's leave it like that. To be the same, is nothing short of dull. Not to mention, doing things like someone else deprives and denies us of what's truly meant for us! That said, there is nothing wrong with finding inspiration around you. Allow the world to be your muse! Get creative and adapt accordingly. As you know, nothing is permanent, making change the only constant; yet, that is what's so refreshing! We have the right to sort through, choose and move on when it no longer works.

Forget about the good and the bad | the right and the wrong. Just let 'it' be what it is and decide whether or not it aligns with your truth. If it doesn't, that's ok and the more we give ourselves permission to BE real and true, the more we'll experience others living according to their own rhythm!

Without question, this includes the way we care for our health.  Granted, we have our ever-famous model ... feel a symptom, treat the symptom, wait for the next symptom, repeat ... which works for some people which is great! For the rest us, it takes being patient and working with the body, rather than trying to control it, and NOT comparing the results. Being present with your circumstances is far more helpful than feeling frustrated and disconnected. At the same time, we have this umbrella method where one remedy is good for the masses ... huh, uh ... no it's not! This goes for herbs, oils, and diets as much as it does for pharmaceuticals. Your best bet? Check-in with yourself ... trust that sense of 'YES' or 'NO' regardless of what your head says! Your needs are different and that's ok ...

Don't compare yourself! The first step to feeling good is doing what's right for you and that begins with being your damn sanctuary!