Essential Oils Are My Light

We all have our passions and mine happens to be connection and understanding. Now, you may be wondering how these abilities have anything to do with essential oils. Well, allow me to show you .....

Connection is basically a relationship; a mechanism of creation. This is extraordinarily important to our existence. Without it, we cut ourselves off from being able to thrive mentally, emotionally and physically. What's interesting to me is to look at and split the word disease, we establish an alternate understanding from what we already know it to mean. 'Dis' essentially implies lack and when we pair it with the word 'ease', we can interpret the definition to be 'lack of ease'. Now think about the world around us ... so many disagreements and upset; a lot of misunderstanding and discomfort. Look at that; two more words beginning with 'dis' thereby demonstrating my point: lack of agreements and lack of comfort. I guess we could go so far as to say, our culture is diseased .....

When we lack connection, there is a gap, regardless of physical proximity. The gap is a loss or lack of heart connection between people and even with ourselves (this point can get a bit deep and I'm happy to have great discussions around it but for now, I'll leave it here ... btw, discussion is a means of having an argument minus the cussing (just a little fun point)); therefore, this disconnection leaves a person to interpret the situation based on their knowledge and experience rather than understanding the bigger picture and what's really needed. Oddly, our cells have similar troubles.

Regardless of what we want to believe, DNA responds to the world around. It does this by relocating certain elements according to the needs of the organism. Believe it or not, this is something 'we've' known for decades. Therefore, it stands to reason that these adjustments influence the chemicals produced as well as cell function. Another word for this is 'stress' which is ideally a protection mechanism. However, chronic displacement of these elements is damaging. While we could argue that the world is toxic and this makes sense, there is a disconnect between us and our DNA. You see, we are in a position to alleviate this pressure by tuning into what our body needs. I know this could seem a bit difficult to do and it's not. If you think about what I've shared so far, then it's fair to say the body ... yours, mine, the neighbors, etc ..... is unstable which means all there is for us to do is provide stability. We don't have to do anything but understand it's working hard and needing our support.

What I find interesting at this point is the number of times I've had people want to help me with something; yet, feeling at a loss. They didn't know what to do for me and all I could say was: 'You being here is enough'. I realize this statement may have felt a bit dissatisfying and it was the truth. What's more, as the situation unfolded, there was always something for the other person to do; the idea was their presence was grounding and exactly the stability I needed in order to make my next move. I see this type of relationship as what the body is dying for ....

So where do we begin? Easy ... we've already established a degree of understanding which creates the necessary mental and emotional connection. The next is to include essential oils specific to your needs which is why I can't and won't list specific oils. In fact, I just did another video around this yesterday. While oils are exceptional at assisting with cell communication and connection, the types to use depends on your lifestyle, concerns and equally important, medications .

There are a number of oils that influence very specific chemicals in the body i.e. serotonin, dopamine and estrogen (to name a few). While I do understand their benefits, long term use is not advisable. What's more, if you're taking medications that are affecting these or other neurochemicals, combining them with oils that do the same thing does nothing but cause further stress and instability. Not to mention, given the world we live in, I don't suggest using estrogenic oils at all with the exception of an emergency. The reason for this is estrogen has a number of functions in the body which includes activating the release of dopamine which is recognized for signaling the stress response. My videos titled Estrogen | Dopamine and PSA: Lavender Doesn't Mix Well with Meds go into this a bit more. Needless to say, I'm seeing a distinct link between these chemical reactions and addiction.

That said, after 30 years of studying and working with essential oils, I have developed an incredible appreciation for them. I believe in their purpose and place and often times disappointed by what seems to be a huge misunderstanding. They are frequently regarded as ineffective which makes sense to a degree given the level of adulteration occurring with many 'brands'. At the same time, there are quality oils on the market; however, their overuse as well as misuse is contributing to the interpretations being projected. It's for this reason I speak out and offer clarity. I want people to feel as good as possible. In fact, the more mindfully we use the oils, the stronger our relationships become with other people. How? Consider the fact that we're aiming to restore stability. Once a person feels stronger and safer within him or herself, the easier it is for them to safely connect with someone else.

By now I hope you see the relationship between essential oils, connection and understanding. My ultimate wish is to create connection; yet, the only way we can do that is through understanding ... understanding of ourselves, others, nature and essential oils. When I am consistently contacted by people who already use oils and are combining them with some heavy duty medications and feeling worse, I take that as my cue. As I said, I believe in them wholeheartedly and at the same time, I know safety is key...... well, isn't that interesting ... safety with the oils equals safety with ourselves which in turn ripples out into the world around!