Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle Intro

The first section of an in-depth 7 part series on the safe and effective use of essential oils. We explore the way they work in the human body as well as with medications plus we learn how to blend and why integrate them into our daily life. Whether you're new to essential oils, have a basic understanding or even a practicing Aromatherapist, this course is presented for the purpose of benefiting all. 

Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle CYP450 Enzymes | Essential Oils | Medications

In this section, I talk about CYP450 enzymes, what they are and how they are affected by essential oils and medications. Additionally, I provide ideas for how to avoid potential interactions and get the most out of everything that you use. In addition to this series of 8 videos, there are 6 PDF supporting documents.

Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle Personal Care

This section of Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle provides both an in-depth and uncommon look at how using essential oils on a daily basis, including dental health, improves our experience of wellness as well as how to integrate them whether we take medications or not.

Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle Minor Emergencies

In this section of Aromatherapy as a Lifestyle, we explore the use of essential oils with both minor issues like burns and cuts as well as more chronic concerns like digestion and coughs. Includes pdf documents