Day 10: Black Pepper

Undoubtedly, an oil I appreciate ….

Hmmm … why would that be?

Well to begin with, it contains caryophyllene oxides, trans caryophyllene to be exact which have an influence on the endocannabinoid system. That said, it also means we don’t want to mix this oil with a number of medications; especially psychotropics. At the same, the fact that black pepper influences this one specific system means it indirectly supports the endogenous opioid, hormonal and immune systems; making it restorative as well as analgesic. What’s more, this component happens to be systemically soothing .

However, let’s take a look at some additional benefits to using black pepper essential oil:

  1. it supports mind and mood as it contains both alpha and beta pinene (cannabinoids known for the way they counter short-term memory as well as possesses anti-depressant qualities) along with definite results in the elimination of cancer,

  2. it’s anti-inflammatory as well as a diuretic as it supports the regulation of hormones

  3. it contains alpha copaene .. a component also found in copaiba and other oils; on its own, alpha copaene has demonstrated antimicrobial effects; yet, when combined with the sabinene increases the immune support.

  4. alpha copaene has also been found to slow down the proliferation of harmful cells i.e. cancer and again, because limonene happens to be another constituent of black pepper, this particular oil is very beneficial in the reduction and elimination (anti-inflammatory / diuretic effects) of cancer cells as it does not harm the genome (HUGELY important given that many cancer drugs destroy the body)

In all honesty, black pepper is not the only oil you want to use since there’s more going on with you than just one health concern. At the same time, if cancer is a concern, then including black pepper is advisable. Again, I caution the use with medications; although, there is no ‘formal’ documentation about this with any aromatherapy website or association.

Please remember, just because something is not commonly talked about or shared does not make it so .. as it is there is growing evidence demonstrating the importance of not combining caryophyllene oxides with medications; and as I always say, it’s best to err on the side of caution. On the other hand, the properties of black pepper:

  1. warming

  2. cooling

  3. stimulating

  4. calming

A.K.A. …. regulating

makes this oil one of my top choices for stabilizing the system, especially with cancer seemingly on the rise. Whether you have cancer in the family or not, if your lifestyle permits, adding black pepper to your protocol, however it works for you, is a great idea! Truth be told, cannabis is not the miracle remedy .. plants are!

One more thought on black pepper, digestion. Besides appetite, it eases pain, supports the nitric oxide synthase process (via the endocannabinoid system); therefore, it eases virtually every discomfort a person might experience. Thereby, further supporting the hormonal and immune system.

You see, you can’t lose with black pepper. Check out the video because I know I shared a few other points you may find interesting and don’t hesitate to join my email list!