Day 8: Holy Basil

So what can I say about this oil that I didn’t already say in the video ……

Well to begin with, it’s high in beta caryophyllene which means it should not be used when taking any type of psychotropic. Why? Because cannabinoids such as CBD and caryophyllene oxides, are problematic when combined with mental health medications because they are known for their extensive effects on CYP450 enzymes. Which means, in spite of the blood thinning properties OR the fact that it’s an adaptogen that often triggers the polar opposite effect from what you were expecting, this is another one of those oils that is best used, once in a blue moon.

That said, as long as a person isn’t taking a blood thinner or psychotropic, holy basil does offer substantial support for someone struggling with adrenal fatigue. And at the same time, caution must be followed since besides eugenol, this oil also contains a trace of methyl eugenol which was found to be effective in inhibiting nerve signals in NaV1.7 channels, in vitro, which is a pathway for the transmission of pain signals. This is exceptionally good to know for those living with Bartonella, Lyme and erythromelalgia. There again, the conditions ‘must be just right’ in order to use holy basil for something like is; otherwise, there are other oils that also contain methyl eugenol

  1. laurel leaf

  2. clary sage

  3. basil linalool

  4. rose

  5. lemon balm

That said, it’s best to use caution with each of these, yes, that includes rose due to the varying amounts of methyl eugenol'; not to mention, there are additional concerns with clary sage and lemon balm that I’ll address in later posts.

In the meantime, I have no idea why I selected holy basil as an oil to talk about during the 31 day journey; and I did. My best guess is I needed to step up and own my perspective of the oils because recording this video along with the one for basil linalool really made me nervous; so, thank you for tolerating my angst.

With that out of the way, holy basil has its benefits and learning how to use it from time to time, if at all, is wise and then only if medications are not being taken. I realize I specified blood thinners and psychotropics; however, ere on the side of safety due to its adaptogenic qualities. If holy basil is your cup of tea then consider the tea instead. There are only trace amounts of the oil in the dry herb and if supporting your system with an adaptogen makes sense, then your better bet is with the tea.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or another oil and be sure to visit 31 Days of Essential Oils on YouTube!

with gratitude ~