Day 7: Marjoram Spanish

Also known as ‘thymus mastichina’, marjoram Spanish is not to be confused with marjoram sweet. These are two very different oils with this one being a type of thyme with a significant influence on the brain .. more specifically the hypothalamus and endocannabinoid system.

To begin with, marjoram Spanish contains elemol, a sesquiterpinoid, that not only crosses the blood brain barrier, influencing hormonal production, it also stimulates blood flow,making this essential oil very beneficial for migraines, digestive disturbances and sleep. In all honesty, it’s the combination of constituents, which includes myrcene and linalool as well as others, that exemplifies the sedative effect of this oil.

I’ve personally enjoyed using it before bed and facilitating a nice drift into sleep. That said, should a solid night sleep be a ‘dream’ and waking in the middle of the night be a common experience, then taking a quick whiff or applying this oil offers an almost immediate return to sleep. Besides myself, marjoram Spanish has been one I’ve used extensively when a person has had a multitude of concerns that included digestive discomfort, sleep troubles, anxiety and agitation that involved panic and / or a racing heart. In all honesty, this oil is great for excessive pangs of anger and aggression, especially when blended with other essential oils.

As science has discovered, myrcene is the primary terpenoid in cannabis that improves the activity of the CB! receptor. This is significant considering that there are a number of oils with the ability to influence CB1 receptor activity, improving the release of anandamide. However, should psychotropic medications be in the ‘picture’, avoiding oils with a high cannabinoid content is necessary. Nonetheless, the synergy of constituents in marjoram Spanish makes this a beneficial choice in an overly stressed system … and THAT includes recovery from addiction and trauma!

That said, as the body settles into a more stable energy, the sedative effects of marjoram Spanish ease up; although, not because it’s no longer effective. Not at all. As the stress response is eased, the body is no longer as tired. Using the oil continues to support the body’s reaction to the environment; it’s just not as intense.. In fact, it’s a wise decision to use thymus mastichina on a regular basis as it does not activate or deactivate any particular chemical like some of the other oils. Its actions modulate the whole system as it assists the hypothalamus / pituitary / adrenal axis as well as the endocannabinoid system. There again, it’s not activating a receptor, it’s improving enhancing uptake of our own ‘bliss hormone’.

With this in mind, marjoram Spanish works with all medications as none of the constituents is contraindicated. Why this is possible is because while medications are very specific in their mechanism of action, this essential oil is not. The chemical makeup is such that it enhances full system stability which is substantial in such a ‘messy’ world.

Now that I’ve said all of this, marjoram Spanish happens to contain camphor. While good for respiratory issues, especially when combined with elemol, this is a toxic constituent that should not be used for extended periods of time due to the neurotoxic effects. I find this extremely disappointing given how much I love this oil; yet, the truth this, no oil is ok 100% of the time … Therefore, using it for 4 to 6 weeks at a time and then giving the body a break by switching to another combination of oils is perfect. Keep in mind, the body is a chemistry lab, so to speak, and using the same thing all the time no matter how safe it may be, does not do a body good. Every day the body changes according to the ‘information’ coming in a.k.a. environmental chemicals. It’s because of these changes, we must adapt and alter our choice of chemicals.

Aside from this, thymus mastichina is a great choice for the temporary relief of sinus congestion as it contains mucolytic ketones that support the immediate needs. I’ve had clients that suffered from chronic congestion, and just a drop or two opened them right up. However, the mere mention of chronic congestion is reason enough to wonder what else was going on with them. Why? Well, for me, it’s all about restoring stability and a better sense of wellness. Just to address the symptoms doesn’t ‘take us in the direction of wellness’ if that is the ultimate goal. Yet again, marjoram Spanish is a mighty fine oil since it soothes the body and soul.

Have you seen the video? Check it out and be sure to let me know if there is an oil you’d like to know more about!