Day 4: Roman Chamomile

What can I say about this oil that I already haven’t said in the video …… hmmmmm….

Well, it is exceptional with anxiety; however, anxiety involves any number of character chemicals as I point out in my post in the Ultimate Guide regarding the chemistry of anxiety However, when it comes to the link between glutamate and anxiety, then roman chamomile has a lot to offer.

Why? To begin with, the combination of angelate compounds and tiglate supports the production of glycine and serine, the transsulfuration of homocysteine a.k.a. CBS (cystathionine beta synthase) gene which supports the both production of glutamate and the conversion of it into glutathione and GABA. You see, glutamate is an excitatory neurotransmitter and must be either used in oxidation processes or presently converted; otherwise, agitation, restlessness and potentially neurotoxic activity.

According to everyone familiar with roman chamomile, it’s often referred to as a sedative. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it that. It definitely offers relief from anxiety; however, I’ve had great success using it for

  1. spastic / rigid muscles

  2. nerve pain

  3. inflammation

  4. skin care i.e. dermatitis eczema and dry skin

  5. digestion i.e. colic, stomach pain and diarrhea

Truthfully, to explain how this oil fully supports the human body means I’d need to write a book … or a booklet at the very least. However, let’s just say that the amino acid glycine is referred to as a ‘helix breaker’ due to the fact that it acts like a hinge in the secondary structure of proteins, it’s utilized in the production of purines which are essential to DNA repair, eases immune reactions, improves mental health and sleep, supports heart, respiratory and GI health, stabilizing blood sugar, and playing a role in human growth hormone along with skin health and flexibility … plus …. Keep in mind, this is how glycine is used in the body.

Serine, as I mentioned above, is also used in protein synthesis, more specifically tryptophan which is used in the production of serotonin, needed for mood, sleep and digestion, serine increases levels of creatine required for maintaining muscle mass, has a role with the production of antibodies as well as with regulating the molecules ‘allowed’ to enter and leave the cells.

In many respects, roman chamomile is nature’s best kept secret. With everything I’ve shared so far, there’s more! Not to mention, it’s safe for everyone; although, I would use caution when combining with psychotropic medications due to its cannabinoid content. The potential for conflict in the liver is good; to say nothing of the idea of duplicating the mechanism of action which does nothing more than lead to further instability and in order to restore wellness, stability is the goal.

Another little known fact about the constituents of chamomile is it’s ability to support the efficient metabolism of estrogen, making it highly recommended for just about everyone. I say this due to the significant levels of environmental estrogens | endocrine disruptors we’re exposed to on a daily basis. And then there are those with a family history of glaucoma, breast, prostate and / or lung cancer .. all of which are linked to poorly metabolized estrogen. This isn’t saying that roman chamomile will fully protect or save you from these illnesses. It’s a single note oil and depending on your system, other oils are necessary for serving your body on a much broader spectrum. What’s more, if currently living with a diagnosis, it will take some time and effort to incorporate the appropriate oils in order to create a wellness breakthrough.

On the topic of cancer, including foods with salvestrols in the diet, without question, pairs very well with such essential oils as roman chamomile. This is important. Essential oils are signaling molecules and while this oil as well as all oils modify various genetic processes, they do not contain nutrients and when you combine roman chamomile with other oils that improve the uptake of calcium, including mineral rich foods i.e. the foods suggested in this study, offer great promise in your recovery.

The final thought (for now) on this oil is regarding my claim that roman chamomile contains cannabinoids. The one I’d like to point out is the one known as alpha pinene which has anti-inflammatory effects, acts like a bronchodilator and promotes alertness which is why I do not align with the idea of sedative. While it soothes the body, it enhances mental faculties making this a great addition to ADHD blends.

Please know I appreciate you and if you haven’t already seen the YouTube video on roman chamomile, I’d love it if you would watch it as you can and let me know if you have any questions about the information I share here or in the video. AND, when you join my email list, you receive my dilution chart and hour long video covering essential oils and medications.