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It seems a majority of people believe that poor health is our destiny … a.k.a in our genes... yeah? Well, as it goes, beliefs govern the decisions which generate our actions that become the behaviors which ultimately produce our lifestyles. In other words, our choices stem from our beliefs which influence the quality of our health more so than our genes. So, I ask, what will you give your genes permission to express?


.Founded 1996

Santa Fe, NM



  1. movement disorders

  2. mental health | mood disorders

  3. addiction recovery

  4. autism | adhd

  5. digestive disorders

  6. pain

  7. cardiovascular issues

  8. degenerative diseases

  9. trauma

  10. autoimmune disorders | Lyme


Tammy Davis is the founder of Synergessence, an evidence-based aromatology consulting practice that helps hundreds of people around the U.S. improve upon and maintain a higher quality of health.

Her clients include:

  1. people recovering from addiction

  2. children & adults living w/mental | emotional disorders

  3. people facing chronic autoimmune disorders

  4. people taking medications

  5. people living w/movement disorders i.e. rigidity & tremors

  6. people living with un-diagnosable health issues

  7. people looking to break free from dis-ease management


History and Achievements




Started first Holistic Chamber of Commerce in New Mexico

Selected as a Top Healthcare Provider by The International Association of HealthCare Professionals


1978 - present

Ongoing Study of plant constituents and they’re influence on the human genome and drug development

Internationally Certified Master Clinical Aromatherapist thru the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

Nutritional Science thru the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

Ontological Coaching / Consulting thru Accomplishment Coaching


1984 - present

While developing Synergessence, Tammy spent time working in the dental field, eventually becoming a Dental and Medical Assisting Instructor along with teaching college level Digestive Wellness to Holistic Health Professionals. At the same time, she was devoted to raising 6 children, 2 of whom she adopted with 3 of them needing additional care due to their struggles with mental & emotional issues. Beyond her career and family, Tammy loves dabbling with landscape photography as well as studying the mechanism of communication throughout nature. In many respects, she is a prodigy when it comes to making this connection.

Nonetheless, between her experience with mood and mental disorders and taking a course in film photography at the Santa Fe Community College, Tammy finally found the courage to begin showing and selling her art as a means of contributing to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and their cause #endthestigma and in her words #endthejudgment


Serving You





Wellness consultations



advanced clinical aromatherapy courses


As an Aromatologist & Olfactory Therapist, Tammy formulates evidence-based custom essential oil blends for easing symptoms, improving physiological functions as well as relieving stress at the cell level.

As a Wellness Consultant, Tammy seeks to understand your concerns and goals. Working with your current form of treatment, she introduces evidence-based suggestions not commonly discussed, for safely improving the body’s ability to utilize medications (if applicable), restoring stability and assisting it to do what it is ‘designed’ to do.

As an Expert in chemical communication and essential oils, Tammy produces evidence-based content with a fresh approach for addressing specific health issues, the commonly prescribed medications and the most effective way to integrate personal wisdom, essential oils and nutrition into every lifestyle which can be found on YouTube, in her books as well as on the blog pages

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You can also keep up with her version of ‘Panacea’s Secret’, tune into her radio shows on MixCloud or KMRD as well as follow her posts on Ko-fi and both IG accounts